We, law abiding folks get to wipe this mud off our faces

“and discovered that he suffered a single bullet wound to his right leg during the incident, the affidavit says. He was taken to a hospital, where police say he had a pipe in his pants that tested positive for methamphetamine.”

The anti 2A crowd will conveniently gloss right over this part,

“Hampton has a protective order against him that indicates he isn’t allowed to possess any guns, according to police.”.


Preaching to the choir here but it’s never people like us that you have to worry about this kind of thing.


Not a USCCA member :man_shrugging:t4:


Regardless of the individual in this story, goes to show that carrying a firearm without the proper holster is dangerous. Firearms safety isn’t just knowing how to handle a firearm, it’s also knowing how to carry the firearm safely.


FWIW, not being legally able to possess a firearm does not preclude one from being a USCCA member.


Zachery James Hampton, 26, was booked into the Sevier County Jail for investigation of reckless endangerment, possession of a dangerous weapon by a restricted person, carrying a concealed loaded firearm, violation of a protective order and possession of a controlled substances and drug paraphernalia.

Just goes to show how a many :ballot_box_with_check: a S.T.O.O.P.I.D. person can tick in one event.
WE Gunner’s DO NOT have mud on our faces. But with the Progressive/Marxist media all they will shout is “GUN’S BAD!”


At least he was calm enough saying “I have to go”, instead of “I’ve just f&#_@n shot myself”. :ok_hand:


That’s TWISTED George! (I like that)

Sometimes KARMA is Immediate.


I thought that as well. If I had to guess he just stuck it in his waist or had some sort of makeshift holster but who knows. Regardless you’re 100% correct!


A gleaming example of “Stupid in a No Stupid Zone”.

And another gleaming example of the type of story the Liberal Left will use against us. Even though this individual is a criminal as is evidenced by the protective order and the crack pipe, the left will say it was all because of the gun.

True: If he didn’t have the gun in his pocket, he would not have shot himself, but he made the decision to put the gun in his pocket. I am thinking he probably did not have a CHL, so he cannot legally put a gun in his pocket.

True: He may not have committed an act of violence but there is still a protective order against him which forbids him from possessing a weapon.

True: The crack pipe may not be his. He was just carrying it for a friend. Or he took it away from someone else who shouldn’t have had it, but he was in possession of it. Having a drug addiction forbids him from possessing a weapon. Just ask Hunter Biden.

The media will twist this to make it seem the self-check attendant was at fault because she was on her phone and not paying attention to the customers and did not stop him from shooting himself. Shame on her.


FWIW if this is in Utah as I think that city/county is, no permit is needed to concealed carry.

The protective order, however, would seem to preclude lawful carry.


You are correct. Around here they love to escalate charges.
Crime 1. Gun goes off in public and it isn’t self defense
Crime 2. You have a protective order.
Crime 3. You have crack pipe.
Crime 4. Crack pipe makes you a prohibited person.
Crime 5. Prohibited person had a LOADED gun…

I think you see how they do it. It’s a crime to be a criminal thing…


And Another One all over the News.


I literally laughed out loud :rofl:


I’m curious about part of this:

Does having a ‘crack pipe’ make one a prohibited person?

The language I remember from the 4473 is user of or addict. If you aren’t using at the time, would the government have to prove you are addicted and if so, would paraphernalia possession alone prove BRD an addiction?

Or is there a UT state law (not federal) that makes one a prohibited person if they possess a ‘crack pipe’?

From Here

(v) is in possession of a dangerous weapon and is knowingly and intentionally in unlawful possession of a Schedule I or II controlled substance as defined in Section 58-37-2;


ah, state law. I wonder how many states have a similar law…bet it’s common.

But still, would a “pipe” be paraphernalia or does it have enough of the substance that it’s actual crack/cocaine/whatever and not just the “pipe”?

Dont’ want it to be to easy to become a prohibited person because if a pipe is all that’s needed then we are relying on the government to define what a pipe is and one might be prohibited from a firearm without even actually possessing the drugs because their hookah pipe got classified as off limits (or whatever…don’t give vague no-guns stuff to the government as you never know what you’ll end up with)

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That’s beside the point.


The post claimed he wasn’t a USCCA member, while quoting “he isn’t allowed to possess any guns”

On what are we basing that assumption he is not a USCCA member and why did you quote the not allowed to possess guns part when claiming he’s not a member?

Pretty much any US Resident who lives in a state other than NY/NJ/WA, and is 18+, can be a member