New Gun Owner Smoking Weed While Training Shoots Buddy Dead

We all knew this was going to happen – more than once. He’s been charged with manslaughter.


This whole thing is a bad situation:

Weedon and a witness also told deputies that they were playing defensive scenarios with the handgun. Weedon said he believed the gun was not loaded but had loaded it by inserting a magazine that contained several live rounds and racked the slide.

According to the arrest affidavit, Weedon said he pointed the gun at the victim and pulled the trigger. He told deputies he did not intend to shoot or kill the victim and the shooting was accidental.


So wrong and unnecessary on so many levels, I dont know where to begin. The worst part is that one man paid for it with his life and two families will never be the same.


It’s a sad story that happens all to often. I’m sure the guy had no intent but he’s got to live with himself over this tragedy. The fact that he was smoking weed impeded his ability concentrate on what he was doing.


Very sad…but a good lesson in 1) not imbibing in alcohol or other substances while carrying and/or operating firearms; 2) following the rules of gun safety (e.g. not pointing the weapon and treating all firearms as if).


I feel if Mr. Weedon would not have been getting his weed on this would not have happened. Shame on him.


I want to find out who he took his CWP course from. Not that I’m blaming the instructor entirely, but I’ve been teaching for decades and know how this would make me feel. Any good instructor WILL blame him/herself at least a little bit for this.


P.S. There is a whole lot of “weed and guns are ok” around here.


I get that feeling too, and no, it is not ok. Ever.


Anything that alters your mental state is not a good combination with firearms. If you see people endorsing it, please be sure to remind them of that. And it is still federally prohibited when purchasing a firearm:

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The first thing that came to my mind after reading this article was Community discussion (some time ago) about owning the firearm and be responsible owner.
I was one of those who advocated mandatory training and showed my displeasure about lack of training during CC classes.
Every time I read something like this

Weedon told deputies that he had owned the gun for about a month and had taken a six-hour course to get his concealed weapons permit
[…] Weedon said he believed the gun was not loaded but had loaded it by inserting a magazine that contained several live rounds and racked the slide.

confirms to never change my opinion.



The FL CWP is administered by the Secretary of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Nikki Fried (D), who was narrowly elected and the ONLY Democrat serving in statewide office in FL. She ran on a platform of MJ legalization and federal nullification. She STILL pushed nullification and insists that it is perfectly legal to possess both a medical MJ card and a CWP in FL. I could not believe how many Republicans voted for this Bloomberg gun control pothead to run the agency overseeing FL’s CWP system! But with her in charge, how can you possibly NOT teach a CWP class that condones potheads carrying guns? It is OFFICIAL POLICY in FL right now.


It amazes me what a single issue marijuana can be for people. Putting recreational mj on the ballot in Michigan created enough voter interest to really put Whitmer in office in 2018. When you would go to the polling location, there were groups of people who had never voted before, who had no idea the process, had no idea they had to register to vote prior to election day. One thing Florida gun owners need to take note of is what happened in Michigan in their letter dated 3/3/2020 where based upon their audit of the Michigan CPL approval process, the ATF no longer recognizes the ability to use a CPL holder’s CPL in place of a NICS check. One of the items specified was the issuance of a CPL to marijuana users.


It was just a few years back that a woman holding a hand gun was standing beside her husband on the shooting range, hot brass went down her blouse and she shot her husband


Since moving to FL, I have met several people who carry with a permit and smoke a lot of weed. I’ve met more people who drink and ride motorcycles in FL than everywhere else I’ve ever been around bikers combined. The death wish stupid is strong down here!


There’s a whole lot of weed and everything is ok everywhere these days.

I’m firmly convinced this is one of the most effective steps to creating useful idiots, in the marxist sense.


This falls under doing stupid stuff, with stupid people.

Jesus Wept.


No worse than being impeded by anything else, lack of sleep, prescription meds, etc. The only thing that makes it worse is there is a federal law that specifically makes it a felony to be in possession of a firearm while in possession of Marijuana, whether or not using it at that moment. We are still able to legally own alcohol and prescription and non-prescription legal drugs without committing a felony. In no way am I advocating for being under the influence of anything while armed, just noting the different way Marijuana is regulated to other drugs in relation to firearms.


No such thing as an accident, only negligence. all accidents can be avoided. If he was high, he should be put away for a long time.


The difference there is that other drugs are approved by the FDA, whereas Marijuana is not. marijuana is treated differently in that it actually receives favorable treatment. Can you name one other drug that is not approved by the FDA that is allowed to be prescribed? Granted, you dont pick it up from a pharmacy, but think of all the people and parents who have lobbied for the opportunity, sometimes successfully, sometimes not, to try potentially life-saving drugs that are not FDA approved? This is in most cases a last ditch effort to save a life. Look at the resistance to right to try legislation to allow terminally ill patients to try these drugs. So, marijuana is already unfairly receiving favorable treatment as doctors that prescribe it and the clinics that fill the prescriptions are not prosecuted like they would if they were doing the same thing with any other unapproved drug, regardless of the potential benefit. Also, legal drugs undergo a very rigorous testing process which is what results in the drug information that is given to you along with the prescription that includes among many other things, a list of side effects and warnings. As I have never used marijuana before, maybe someone can correct me, but it is my understanding that information is not provided with a marijuana prescription.

At the end of the day, marijuana is illegal. End of story. I dont care what your state says. Federal law trumps state law. That alone makes it no different that cocaine, meth, you name the drug.

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