We, law abiding folks get to wipe this mud off our faces

Can’t find it at the moment but I’ve heard we have a “trace” law here in Utah. Pretty much, if there’s enough to prove what it is it’s considered possession

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The aftermath… :frowning_face:

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Like I said, beside the point.


I guess I’m confused why you posted something that is beside the point.

Oh well, not the first time I’ve been confused by something on the interwebs lol

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I believe the point being made friends is…
(and correct me if I’m wrong, I’m sure you will)
This fine specimen of Humanity is a SKELL of the lowest order
He is a Criminal, addict, slime w/ a Lawful order against him to not possess any firearms
because he threatened, scared, abused people in his worthless life.
(which he broke anyway). He doesn’t care, He’s a Tough Hombre, will
do what he wants to whoever he wants. The last thing he’d do is join the USCCA.
Why would a Junkie need Insurance?
The ‘Point’ I’m getting is why would anyone join a you know the thing if they lived their skelly lives outside the law and that $monthly due’s’ could go to Crack, Meth, Fentanyl whatever.
Oh (yes, any citizen can join us) but why would you if you were an anti-gunner…) Left leaning
Progressive/Socialist-Marxist Puke?
Kinda like me Subscribing to some Gay PRIDE Faction or Barack’s Nigerian Social Club—It just don’t fit.
Maybe I don’t make sense (ships happen) but this is a nn discussion-Argument

Mi dos Frioles


That seems like kind of a lot of assuming about his life based on not all that much information.

People join all kinds of things for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes people are gifted memberships to things. Sometimes they sign up for it and then their life/lifestyle/etc changes, but that membership is still there.

It’s not that big of a stretch, necessary, to think that someone who conceal carries a firearm might potentially be a concealed carry association member.

It seems unlikely, sure, but…we sure don’t know enough to declare that he is or isn’t.

That’s the point I am getting at…we don’t know.

There’s enough on the internet of people assuming and guessing and declaring as if fact because that’s just their guess, I don’t want to contribute to that.

I won’t argue with you.
The person in question lives outside the Law and
Boundaries set-up for Normative behavior to live
Peacefully amongst his fellow Citizens. Can we agree on that?

An Illegal gun stuck in his waistband (THAT HE ISN’T ALLOWED TO POSSESS)
(still on track with me?)
He had drug Paraphernalia on his person (Maybe he was holding for a friend? I think not)
(Cool still?)

He has PAPER on him(a Protective Order) where he cannot be near, communicate with certain persons, Means he may not be a nice person towards people in his life)
(Hence, cannot possess a firearm)
This ia ALL from said article (not my over active imagination)
Nathan, you’re ability to glean facts about certain issues often leaves me scratchin’ my head.


And none of those things mean that we know for a fact he isn’t a USCCA member. :wink:

I have no problem with drug paraphernalia if I’m perfectly honest, I think those laws shouldn’t exist…but I often believe too much in individual Liberty and personal choice. I don’t think it’s the government’s place to tell adults what they can and cannot choose to put into their body. Just sayin’ Of course I choose to follow those laws because they are the law, and I probably wouldn’t do much different even if the laws were different, but, yeah…I don’t think that should even be illegal (having a ‘pipe’ in your pocket)

I’ve also known of people who had protective orders against them that didn’t deserve it at all. Is everyone who gets a protective order, or gets red flagged, a bad/dangerous/evil person?

The law pretty much sees marijuana the exact same as crack or cocaine when it comes to being a prohibited person, yet have you seen how many people ask if it’s okay to have their carry permit and also their marijuana card? (another set of laws that I follow but IMO shouldn’t exist)

What’s with you lately?
Just taking an opposite stance for Argument’s sake?
What gives?
Mike posted an article about a :clown_face: decided to be reckless
and have an illegal firearm stuffed in his pants and being a dumbass
had an AD or a ND (Accidental discharge or Negligent discharge)
I’m no lawyer i don’t know which is more accurate.
Your discussion about drugs illegal/shouldn’t be isn’t up for debate here man.
Same Same as Protective Orders being falsely applied to any Citizen.
The simple fact is He FAFO! carrying a firearm stupidly gets people hurt (sometimes their
own dumbasses.
This is almost as weird as Hunter Biden saying he shouldn’t be prosecuted for HIS OWN ACTIONS. Maybe I shouldn’t bring that up with the mood your in…

and you said this to me earlier? Weird

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We can make educated guesses based on the information provided though. Educated guesses can often be as accurate as facts. Based on the info provided, my guess is the guy’s not a card carrying member.


To be honest, if I couldn’t have a firearm. I would still have a membership. Maybe not 3 of them, but yeah.


Sure can (make educated guesses). Which are just that.

My point remains that nothing in the article precludes this individual from potentially having a USCCA membership, so we cannot state he is not a member just because [anything in this article]

Nathan? do you know anybody who uses Hardcore Drugs? Not POT, NOT a little Blow? Drugs that need a Pipe like METH, Crank, Crack, etc? He had a pipe ok?
WHERE do you think he’s going to come up with the Monthly Membership fee if he doesn’t even bother with a Holster? (Just to be through he had an ‘AD’ when his piece went off, the article DIDN’T say his weapon fell out of a holster). A person who uses drugs spends most of his money ON DRUGS.
Not Child care, Alimony, Car repairs etc. YES, I’m making a guess…


I do know/have known people who use or have used said drugs.

I know people who have used said drugs who are productive and law abiding members of society who are uscca members and lawfully possess firearms. They don’t partake of those drugs at this time, but yeah…I know them.


I’m just a little slower to completely write someone out of society and proclaim they are all these evil things because of this blurb of an article

No but really my main point was just to clarify that you don’t have to be able to legally own a gun to be a member as the post saying “not a uscca member” indicated to me a belief that prohibited persons cannot be members, which is untrue

So…prohibited persons can be USCCA members. Just…FWIW/FYI

I’ll counter with this.
Certainly this guy is an upstanding member of the USCCA. You can tell by what was written in the article. He has with out a a doubt watched and read ALL of the USCCA Trainings, I mean really he must of learned how to carry in his pants and make it go off in public in the Protectors Academy. He shops at Wally World so we know he lives better cheaper and has plenty of disposable cash to pay for a platinum membership. I’m sure I remember the training video that says once your firearm discharges in you pants, drop your groceries and run outside waving your gun around.

Makes sense to me.


You are free to make any assumption you want.

I’ll stick to the facts: We don’t know if he is or is not a member and based solely on the article we cannot know. Nothing in the article precludes him from membership.

But you are free to guess whatever pleases you. :slight_smile:

With all of those gun laws out there how could such a thing happen? It is so hard to believe someone would violate all of them just to get their hands on a gun. Also shocking is the use of a controlled substance and how it contributed to “gun violence.” I’m stopping now - out of sarcasm.


You don’t think Delta Defense would look negatively upon defending a guy that was not legal to have a gun. OH Wait, Your talking about USCCA not Delta Defense…

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So…being a USCCA member and having a specific act of self defense be covered are two different things.

As for whether or not a particular act of self defense is covered, neither Delta Defense or USCCA get to make that determination anyway.

And…nothing in that article precludes him from USCCA membership. Basically any US resident (other than NY/NJ/WA) who is 18+ can be a member. So, based on what is in the article, we cannot know whether or not he is a member. I say this again as there seems to be a great deal of misinformation going around regarding membership requirements

What an absolutely asinine argument to even be having.