4A & Community Caretaking

I stumbled across an article today about a case that is to come before the Supreme Court, Caniglia v. Strom. It appears to be primarily a 4A case, but has serious implications for 2A rights, especially now when the Left is trying everything they can imagine to strip those rights.

We know police can conduct warrantless searches in some cases such as exigency circumstances, and emergency aid, but there is a third and more vague case called “community caretaking.”

You can find the story in Forbes here.

What do you think?

This is sarcasm at it’s best. Firearm was unloaded so he wasn’t a fool. There is no mention of abuse & no history of leos having been called before this. She did not call 911 so no immediate danger. Leo lied about permission to search. I’m not a lawyer but I see no reason for leos actions.

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Police were invited in the house, they found a domestic situation, potential mentally unstable and suicidal husband, who owned firearms and used one (albeit unloaded) in disturbing and inappropriate manner. So far, I think the cops acted within common sense.

Can this case translate into a non-domestic person, a prog neighbor for instance, calling police on a threat of aggression from a MAGA hat, and getting a person deprived of their 2A rights? I have no idea in today’s climate, and I am not even sure whatever the SCOTUS decides will hold if SCOTUS gets packed.


I’m thankful for all those quill & parchment warriors still fighting the good fight to try and defend our liberties and dignity, but we are WAY beyond appealing to the Constitution, in principle or the text. Nobody cares anymore. I believe judges and politicians are totally off the rails and have surrendered all legitimacy. And I think most people refuse to acknowledge the obvious truth of that statement because they fear the ramifications of it.