Supreme Court 4th Amendment Case RE: Firearms and Police Search & Seizure

Well, to me the argument seems moot, as SCOTUS ruled that LEO have no duty to protect the public. So when the Gentleman in question said he was not suicidal the interaction ends there.


In what world do Law Enforcement Officers have a duty to protect me from myself? Protect others from criminal activity, OK, but to tell me that it is against the law to harm myself tilts that slippery roof even farther. There would be no end to it. If the law wanted to justify their decisions based on that, then illegal activities include smoking, alcohol, motorcycles, skydiving, sunbathing, football, running with scissors, etc., etc.
The Nanny State has no end.


Wow. I’d like to read the actual rulings and see what some of the details are. This article reads as though we’re painting with a wide roller when we really need a very fine brush.

This is a very grey area because the defendant’s wife was involved. She invited the police, so there may not be a strong 4th Amendment case for them entering the home. The seizure is an interesting question, but that also would depend a lot on the details. If the wife gave the firearms and ammunition to police while the husband was away, then he may not have a lot to stand on. Like it or not, folks, spouses have a lot of legal ways to ruin you. Just ask the many Soldiers who’ve come home from a deployment to a vacant house and an empty bank account.

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There are links to those rulings in the story, here, and here.

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Hmmm… time to brush off my old cell phone and call the Red Flag number on every Dem in every office. I suppose you could report their security guys too but not sure I’d want to prevent them from protecting themselves and their families. Need to go far enough to impact the idiots but not so far that it puts potential bystanders in jeopardy.