3Guns to Buy

Watch “3 Guns to Buy before the Election 2022” on YouTube

I am not a gun collector, but like many gun owners, I
have several firearms and have enjoyed learning each

This video above does give you references to your next
firearm that you may be interested to purchase and
train with.

I am not John Wick or use a arsenal like those shown,
but I have learned and trained with 9mm, 10mm,
.40SW, 45ACP, and like everyone, the famous
AR15, Springfield Saint (Standard and Basic .223 /5.56.

I have learned a great deal from all the Fundamentals
and training courses from USCCA and wish to thank everyone. I have my favorite training that I have
grown and that is important.


Interesting video with a nice take on which gun models would be banned by this legislation and which would be a good investment before it passed. I do not however agree with his premise that the Senate will or is even likely to get enough Dems to pass this through. It does highlight the importance of this year’s elections and one of the many things at stake for us. Also, if passed into law it would not have a lasting effect unless or until the Supreme Court was changed.


Please, Please Please! Bring back Civics classes to all high schools.
The video opens with classic misinformation, for which the creator should be ashamed!
“… Congress passed H.R. 1808…”
Congress did NOT pass H.R. 1808. Only the House of Representatives passed H.R. 1808.
Congress consists of the House of Representatives and the Senate.
Too many people, ignorant of our own government, think that because HR members are addressed as Congressman or Congresswoman the House is Congress. NOOOOOOO!
Take Civics. Read the Constitution. Know the three branches.
Take a free online course from Hillsdale.
If Congress had passed H.R. 1808, Doctor Jill would have awakened the former Vice President to interrupt his vacation to sign it in a heartbeat.
We do still need to make sure that H.R. 1808 never sees the light of day in the Senate.


I believe you and without a drop of doubt. The video
shown was a point to fight against that 2 years of
the gun control. I have been with USCCA for over
5 years and I agree with you. Laws like HR 1808
are not Constitutional, Biden is trying to force his laws
and destroy our Rights and Constitution and the
government (Biden) is breaking many laws, by executive
orders, and writing their demands to force gun

You already know what 1808 says and that video
is given to show all the madness of Biden, The
Beloved Democrats, and whom they have bought and paid to turn against people and their country.

I understand our Civic Class now and how things are suppose to work, but that has been 48 years ago and
all of That Civics Class is in review today.

You are right!

Please be and stay safe. Thank you.


Civics class '63-4; U.S. History (high school) ‘65-66’ U.S. Government class '66-67l U.S. History (college) '68-9.
Yeah, LONG ago, but it still matters.


Legal Laws or Bills written are in terms that are hard
to understand and it takes help to translate. I have
gone through 10 years of civil and legal issues and My Wife and I won the cases, but it was a hard road to travel. Without a lawyer or trained individuals,
Misunderstandings can happen.

Here is another video about what the right judge
can do and this over gun parts, explanation of what a gun is, and the judge’s ruling over the ATF .

Thank you and there is still hope.


Watch “WOW!!! Judge DESTROYS ATF Frame/Receiver Rule! Says It’s Facially Unlawful!!” on YouTube