3D Printing Parts?


Ive really looked into getting a 3D printer to make gun parts. Anyone else?

Are you willing to work on your guns?

@Medic13 I don’t think I’m ready for that. We do 3D printed parts for prototypes of the medical device we’re developing at work, but they aren’t exactly interchangeable with the final moulded or cast or milled parts. We can’t use them for final testing. There was some discussion of it here though: 3D printed guns - yes really!

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If in 3D Printing you mean “Plastic” I would question whether or not those parts would hold up. Those who know have even said that the Plastic Guns made entirely with 3D Plastic only hold up for a short while due to the stress of the ‘explosion’ within the chamber. I would prefer to get my parts from the manufacturer and trust the REAL THING,

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There are a few 3D printers out there for home use (my son is setting one up for testing) that are capable of printing metal. I don’t know the price or what the metal is but it looks similar to the plastic rolls for 3D printing. If you want me to find out more for you, ask away and I’ll ask him when I see him (we work different shifts and don’t see each other every day).

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Yes, do ask :smile: would love to know more