3D printed guns - yes really!


I’ve seen a 3D printed AR being shot at the range. The Range GM checked out the gun before he allowed it to be shot on the range. It was very interesting to see! It appeared to shoot well.

Would you ever consider printing a gun?

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Are you willing to work on your guns?

If it was cost effective I would. It’s kind of an interesting concept.


If it was cost effective, absolutely. Then the end user could truly have a custom gun made just for them. Their hands, should, length of pull. Exactly to their body.


Here’s a blog article about 3D printing: https://www.usconcealedcarry.com/blog/byog/

This is like the one I saw at the range - except the one I saw was white and black.


@Dawn Was it single shot or semi auto? I guess I’d rather mill one out of a block of aluminum. I think I’d get a better gun and a little more pride of craftsmanship.


I believe it was single shot. I saw it being shot from the counter in between a bunch of customers, so I could be wrong.


Then I wouldn’t print one. Or I would just print a lower reciever. Then I might as well get an 80% polymer lower.


We’re starting to see “additive manufacturing” in medical devices too. I don’t think its time for all-3D-printed guns yet, but materials are evolving and that may happen soon. Watch for government regulation of printable design drawings and control files to start happening. Now that the tech is getting in reach of personal budgets, the new regulatory frontier is likely to be the designs and data files.


It’s going to be weird when the government starts to ban ideas and documents.


Yeah, we’re already there… the fight is on

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