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This just crossed my mind with emperor Biden’s edicts…

I own a 3D printing business I run part time where I sell filament, repair printers, and 3D print for customers. Even though I’ve never printed any parts for firearms do you think the ATF will be knocking on my door in the near future? If so what should be my course of action or is there something I can do preemptively to be prepared for that possibility?


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It sounds like you need legal advice, more than community input. The USCCA attorneys listed for your area might be conversant in the legal fine points of your question.


Are they going to be knocking on your door with or without the warrant? May not be an essential distinction in near future, but today it is. What would you tell them?

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Yeah I kind of thought so. Can yo tell me where I can find that list of attorneys? So far I haven’t been able to find it on the website. Thanks

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@Evert - Attorneys Archive | USCCA

I have a couple of orders for miniature trophy stands.

The image I posted is everywhere on the internet. It takes more than that to convert.

I really get a giggle out of folks that don’t know how full auto firearms actually work. An “Auto Sear” is nothing more than a release mechanism used in robotics and automation on a daily basis. The real hard parts to find are the Hammers and Disconnectors that are needed to make the auto sear work. Without them it’s bumpkis. DIAS’s are only useful if you don’t want the upper hole in your receiver or your not handy enough to know how to inlet so that it doesn’t show. Full Auto is only fun when someone else is paying for the ammo other than that it’s JAFR (Just Another F%^$*&g Rifle)that will land you in jail.

To the OP. A 3D printing business is a legit business and you should have no issues. I would STRONGLY recommend you don’t get curious about printing gun parts on any computer you own or have attached to your printers. It could be construed as “intent” even if you never printed anything. Owning a machine shop does not make you a gun manufacturer even though you have all the tools to do it. At least this week.