CCW printing in Massachusetts is it a felony?

Hi 1st post and new member of USCCA I’m still waiting for my LTC but have this concern a friend of mine told me that if I accidentally print it is considered a felony and will lead to loss of LTC can someone here verify this thank you for your help


Welcome to the family and god bless you brother. Check MA reciprocity map and Gun laws on your USCCA portal under your account info resources.

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Disclaimer I am not a lawyer, and the following is from information on the interweb.

From what I read… in Massachusetts, there have been multiple cases of LTCs being stripped by the act of open carrying, even though it is legal in Massachusetts. Simply because you may have been disturbing to someone… Considered brandishing maybe…idk, that’s out there :eyes:?? However, there is also no law against printing either. If it were me, I’d wear a little longer shirt, and make sure the firearm is in a belt holster. Here in Texas, if a part of the firearm is in open sight, it is not considered concealed and must be in a holster…you’d have to look up your laws on that one.


Ok thank you I’ll have to check again i didn’t see it on the 1st look through

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I cant imagine that it would be. I would check with the company/shop you took your class through. They might have some first hand insight into this.


Welcome to the Community, @Adam51! I don’t see anything about printing in our map or blog post for Massachusetts:

I would suggest talking with your local sheriff, self-defense attorney or district attorney to find out how the laws may be interpreted in your area.


Adam, try to read Massachusetts Gun Laws and look for anything that says how to conceal.
Here you have IL Law, which uses “partially concealed” phrase and gives us a room for printing.

carry a loaded or unloaded concealed firearm, fully concealed or partially concealed, on or about his or her person;
(430 ILCS 66/) Firearm Concealed Carry Act

The other thing is HOW THE PEOPLE REACT for printed firearm… :roll_eyes: