Question on USCCA MA Gun Law Statement

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Under the heading “Can You Carry a Gun in Your Car in Massachusetts?

In the statement: “Without an LTC, it is illegal to knowingly possess or control a firearm in a vehicle, whether loaded or unloaded, unless the possessor is at his or her residence or place of business or possesses the proper card or license for the firearm possessed.”

This would seem to imply that a person who is NOT an LTC holder may legally possess a firearm in Massachusetts provided that firearm is located solely at his/her residence (or place of business). This surprises me.

Can you confirm that this is the case? While I hold a valid LTC, I have always been under the impression that in MA, without an LTC, you couldn’t own a firearm ANYWHERE, under any conditions, at any time.

Thanks for the clarification/confirmation. And thanks for your excellent work and the sense of added security your organization offers to its members!




Can I possess/carry a handgun in my home without a permit?

Yes. Anyone legally entitled to carry a firearm, may possess a firearm at the person’s residence or place of business without a permit.

[ Mass. Gen. Laws ch. 269, § 10(a)(1)0 ]

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And therein lies my confusion - how can you legally be entitled to carry a firearm WITHOUT a permit? In other words, how can you LEGALLY possess a firearm at your residence if you do NOT have an LTC?

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@DaveInMA. I don’t know, you can check out the laws there…here on the USCCA web site…

I’m not 100% sure I’m understanding your question, but I’ll give it a shot.

You can legally possess a firearm in the stat of MA if you have an FID card or LTC:
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You cannot carry without an LTC, but you can own a firearm at your home or business without an LTC if you have an FID.

Is that what you were asking, @DaveInMA? Or did I totally misread your questions? :thinking:

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I think the confusion comes from the single word “or”, in “or possesses” below:

I believe, as you state above, that perhaps that line in the original USCCA source I linked in my first post above, should read “…and possesses the proper card or license for the firearm possessed.” The “or” makes it sound like you don’t have to have any form of permit to posses a firearm as long as it is in your own residence and may create some confusion in others as well.

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