Car storage - MA non-resident LTC

When in transit I understand MA LTC holder must have pistol in their immediate control (on person) or locked in trunk unloaded with ammo in separate locked container. Fine for A-B transit where I’m putting in and taking out.

What about a non transport situation, after parking, and you have to enter a facility or work location and cannot bring the pistol? Do you have to unload and separate into two containers in the trunk or can you unload and store in a locked container under the seat?

Obviously will do whatever is required - but not crazy about the idea of having to openly move two secure boxes from the car cabin to the trunk after parking.


I’m not 100% sure what you’re asking, @Todd74. I think part of the question is if you can store your gun in your car when you’re at work. That’s not addressed in MA state law:
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Did that help? What else did I miss?

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Thank you for the response. To clarify, I’m trying to understand the car storage requirements - is there a distinction between “transport” and “storage”. When driving I understand it has to be in the immediate control of the licensed individual or unloaded in a locked container in the trunk with ammo in in a separate locked container. But what are the implications for storage - like if you had to enter a establishment that prohibits carry and had to keep the weapon in the car. Do you have to follow the same requirements (unloaded in a locked container in the trunk with ammo in in a separate locked container) or is it not considered transporting and can you keep it unloaded in a locked secured container in the driving compartment - under the seat, etc.

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Good question. I know it varies hugely from State to State so be sure to look specifically at the State requirements. Some states, OR used to be one of them, not sure if applicable any longer, even just a case with a zipper counted as secured. Research and share.

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