.38 Super (Dan Wesson) PM C

Hi folks,

I was at the range yesterday with my wife breaking in her 22/10 takedown. When we were done we went in the store to look at what was new. I’m in the market for a 1911 sidearm and the Dan Wesson PM C
Caught my eye. However, I have never fired a .38 Super and I’m curious if any you here have had any experience with this round and type of sidearm.

Side note:
My wife fired my .357 loaded w/.38 special and now wants one…she had an awesome grouping at 15 and 30 feet…shes a Firecracker.

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No personal experience here. I think now-a-days it’s more of a reloaders caliber. If not a reloader, I think you are in the ballpark of (or a hair hotter than) 9mm+p. Although I haven’t fired one, I know that one of my gripes (with any caliber) is ammo selection and local availability… and I guess price.

Here’s an interesting vid about 9 vs 38 super vs 357 sig you might like:

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Thanks for the video…

.38 Super is a pretty warm load, shoots flat and hits hard. Factory ammo is not as easy to find as more common calibers, but it is a very good, high performance, round. In the DW pistol it would be a lot of fun, and make an excellent defensive piece,

Thanks Dwayne,

I’m thinking about picking this sidearm up…well
When I save up the funds.

Stay safe!

I carry a PM C in 38 Superb. LOVE it! I do reload, or buy online in bulk, ammo can be a bit spendy. It is a little ‘hotter’ than a 9mm, but very shootable.

If you have any specific questions, will be glad to answer what I can.

If you watch the video, you can see the 38 Superb gives you a nice fireball when you shoot. :smile:


This is the same sidearm I’m looking at…except it has cocobolo grips.