.22 LR Accurize Laser Cartridge Information Please

I have a client that has switched to the 22 LR Taurus TX 22 as his primary carry and self defense weapon (his accuracy, control, and speed are significantly improved and he feels more comfortable with that caliber). He would like a laser fire cartridge for dry firing (the Sig and Taurus .22 are rated for dry fire). The only thing I’ve seen that seems to fit the bill is the Accurize advanced Laser Training Cartridge. I am looking for anyone that has used this system and what seems to be the pros and cons. Thanks in advance for your feedback.


I have no experience with this product. Main concern would be how quickly and accurately it responds to the sound of the firing pin being released. Second issue being because it attaches to the end of the barrel it likely won’t fit in many holsters making draw and shoot practice difficult.

But given the rimfire nature of the 22lr I don’t know if a more traditional chambered cartridge would work very well if they even exist.

It is probably worth a try as long as you have the option to return it.


I have not used that particular system. I do own and like the Strikeman system. For the money, it is quite good and has really helped my accuracy and speed.


Since the TX22 has a rail, I would suggest a MantisX instead of a laser. The X10 is great with a variety of drills and good feedback on not only trigger press but also holster draw.
To use the MantisX with a holster, you need to buy the rubber rail-form that glues to the bottom of a magazine, but that is relatively inexpensive. In fact, I think one may come with the X10 (need to check their site).
The X10 is the most versatile… I started with an X3 to save money but later swapped it for the X10, and now recommend anyone start with the X10.


:point_up_2: What he said


Victune dry fire system

It remains to be seen if I got what I paid for.

I never used any other system before so I don’t know what I’m missing. There are YouTube tutorials I need to watch to make the most out of it.