Dry Fire Practice

So with ammo prices being high and hard to find. What dry fire practice recommendations are out there.

I bought a dry fire mag and am in love the that thing.


I’m enjoying 3 drills at this moment:

  1. pressing out from compressed ready with laser targets
  2. drawing from holster (wearing different garment)
  3. emergency reloads

Then I combine all 3 together (without laser) - slide locked back in the holster -> drawing from the holster -> pressing out -> verbal shot (“pew, pew”… oops, slide locked) -> emergency reload -> slide release -> pressing out -> “pew, pew” —> REPEAT :slightly_smiling_face:


MantisX system for dry fire (USCCA members get a discount), laser systems, etc. I’d like to hear more about your mag, I’m not familiar with it.

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Its limited on what firearms right now. But for my Glock every trigger pull and reset feels identical to live fire.


Very cool, thanks for the link

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Dang, wish they had one for my carry! Sounds great!


I was skeptical but I can not recommend this product enough if they make them for your firearm.

I believe mantis is making a product that works with these as well.

Well I guess I’m going to have to try one of those. Probably a good teaching tool too.

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I didnt think I had too bad of a flinch. This thing found it. It was embarrassing but has gotten exponentially better


I recently purchased the Lasapp. I have it loaded on my I Phone. I have had a problem getting it calibrated to a handmade target I created. I think it has to do with the lighting and I have my phone propped up on some books. I ordered a tripod to see if that helps. My question is regarding targets. Has anyone else used the Lasrapp and what do you use for targets? Thanks

Try NOT to use WHITE target. I’ve got the same problem. All is good using beige packaging cardboard.

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