10 year old girl shoots, kills woman arguing with mom

Good grief - another irresponsible gun owner event.

Oh - and moms fist fighting?

Tragic on so many levels.




Yeah - you have to scan all the news sources, and the truth is somewhere in between. Sadly.


A lot of questions here. How did the little girl come into possession of the firearm? It’s a good thing that CNN has no info yet because they would spread propaganda. I don’t believe the 10 year old girl would be charged but the mother will be.


This happened in a state that requires training for a permit with said permit required to carry. Just sayin’


The child certainly was not raised well:

[T]he girl fired one or two shots, striking Rodgers, […] the girl, who was still holding the gun, said, “She shouldn’t have hit my momma.”

This story has a few more details.

This story has a few more details, and a slightly different account of the incident.


The boyfriend did it.

If it can be found at all…


Acquired through the CNN loop hole! Somebody do something!


I can’t wrap my head around charging a 10 year old, acting in perceived or real defense of her mother, with murder.


And yet a felonious 16 year old, gets juvenile detention for attempted vehicular homicide! Caught on video!
Things are backwards and upside down!


Crazy Stuff like this happening all over the place.


Also a state that requires training to get a carry permit.

…just sayin’


I don’t buy that, the girl stated she shot the woman because “She shouldn’t have hit my momma.” Sounds more like a thug/gang member than one fearing her mother was in some sort of danger.

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Why can’t you wrap your head around it?
10 year olds are prohibited possessors, the kid used a gun without the threat of deadly force. If I shot a lady who was fighting my mama I would catch the charge also. I’m only 20 years older. Seems fair.

Did she follow the rules after the shoot? There is a video somewhere on this site about what to do…and hopefully she did NOT have our USCCA prepaid legal defense as her attorney….murder 1 is way over the coverage.



The mother threw it to her in a bag. No. I’m not joking.

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I’m not sure 10 year olds understand these things to the point of charging them with murder

Like, that’s the whole core concept behind the age of majority is it not?

Do you have/have you ever had a 10 year old child?

If this is the case did the mother throw the daughter the bag so the daughter could use the firearm or was she tying to get the bag out of the way so she could fight without worrying about the bag and/or gun?

Either way she put her daughter in a bad position. I also wouldn’t trust that what a 10 year old was saying after the fact and what they were thinking during is the same thing. Not a good idea to put kids in a position where they need to decide about the legalities of defending their parents.


If you have read any of my recent posts, I do frequently mention my wife and daughter. Not that I see any relevance in that. I am “allowed” to opine on any topic I want, same as you.

I did not intend to state or imply that you could not opine.

I asked the question in order to better understand the basis for your opinion.

I do not pay too much attention to personal details and wasn’t sure if you had kids or not let alone how old they might be.

When your daughter was 10 years old, do you believe she possessed the capacity to fully comprehend things like level of force represented by a firearm vs force represented by an empty handed attack, and how that relates to somebody hitting her mother, to the point of a murder charge had she shot somebody who was attacking her mother?

How about all of her 10 year old friends?

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