Your Take on Smart Guns?

One of the topics that is always heavily talked about during any election cycle is firearms regulations. One of the ideas currently being touted by Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden is smart guns.

Here’s an article that our very own Kevin Michalowski was quoted in:

What is your take on smart guns?

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As with any “smart” technology there is a certain risk of failure. Why would we want to have any additional risks of failure? I will keep my far more reliable technology thank you.


Imagine a solar flare (or EMP) rendering every firearm useless.

The opportunity for crime. It would probably be like the time everyone was quarantined to their home, criminals were let.out of the jails, churches were closed, and the only gatherings allowed were ‘mostly’ peaceful protests.


Being told to “drop it” would destroy it. No thanks.


No way, not for a long time, if even then. How many of you have fingerprint scan to unlock your phone? Ever notice if your finger is wet, or if you get a small cut on your finger it will not work?

In my opinion, it is just more hoops for law abiding people to jump through, with no thought of how you make a criminal obey a law. All these ‘safety laws’, and other stuff is like a poll tax, just on the 2A instead of at the ballot box.


Immature technology won’t do what the anti-gunners think and want it to do.


I think of the Law Giver from Judge Dredd. What if the battery dies? What if my wife needed to grab it because I was incapacity? I’m a fan of the KISS method, and adding all this junk to a firearm is not a good idea. I’ll stick with old fashioned, thank you.


Yup @45IPAC how are they going to retro fit that stuff to my 1911’s? :grinning:


That it doesn’t exist at this time and when it does become available, it will act as yet another price barrier, to those who can’t afford Michael Bloomberg sized security teams.

This is my take on Government and gun control.

Hi, we are from the Government and we are here to help.



Smart gun with neuralink connected to human’s brain… :neutral_face: Is this the direction we want to go?

Canada, please open the border… :pray:t2:

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Yea, that’s going to be a hard no for me. The potential issues are too numerous to list. How much thought do we put into making sure our firearm of choice is 100% reliable? Now we add new technology that brings in a whole new level of complexity to the equation? Imagine if your grip is not exactly right, or you are forced to pulse your off hand. Can you still count on your firearm?


Xi Jinping has entered the chat:

"…the People’s Republic of China approves this message."


The “smart” gun mandate would be followed by laws removing all of the “non-smart” guns, taking over 100 years worth of guns out of the hands of the public… it would be a fatal blow to private gun ownership in the U.S.




I’m not for the Government mandating it in any sort of manner.

However, I’m open to the technology being developed and being yet another choice for the consumer.

Maybe you want one because you have curious children…maybe it’s a way to arm prison guards…who knows.

I agree with others however that the technology is not there yet in order to ensure that the weapon fires 100% when it needs to and 100% doesn’t when it isn’t authorized (or fend off the other issues associated with electronics).

Maybe the tech will be mature enough when I purchase my Gen 2 phaser.


Smart Gun and Reliability equals a contradiction of terms.

You have smart well trained people. The gun is just a tool.


The only “Smart Gun” that I would ever want or consider would be a blaster that could go from kill to stun and vice versa. I would also like personal training lessons from crew manning the Starship Enterprise.


Keep the smart gun and give me a transporter…


That’s assuming they believe their message that it is to make us safer. We are not that naive.


There is another thing to consider here. Remember how for a brief time they were showing off how they could control a modern smart car with a “criminal” in it. They showed how they could slow it down, make it signal a turn to the shoulder, steer it there, stop it, and turn it off. Not long after, they quit showing the public that ability, as if it had been a mistake to tell people how much control they actually had, should they choose to use it.

A smart gun could likewise just be “turned off” no less controllable than your car or smart phone.

Would that be wise in an age of government overreach and very accomplished hackers???