Yet another good reason for an armed society

Taking a stand against armed thugs. Should these women be disarmed because of the threat of “gun violence” in their communities?

I was going to put this in the Women and Guns category but the new topic button is greyed out for me there. Guess you have to be a woman to start a topic there?


Is that gender discrimination? What if you identify as female or believe you might be one day or believe you might want to be one day or believe you might want to be identified as female one day or once might have thought about what it was like to be female one day or, or, or, or… :roll_eyes: :rofl: :sunglasses:


At some point, the security of the individual is primarily and individual responsibility. We collectively are brought up to believe that taxpayer funded organizations are there to protect us. I don’t believe that is true. They are there to punish the evildoer AFTER the mayhem is over.


Post-incident Observe and Report
because they couldn’t Protect and Serve in a timely fashion.