Sure Hope This Paranoid Family Had Life Insurance

Continuing the discussion from Parenting writer blasts 'paranoia' of protecting our families with guns, says buying 'life insurance' is better idea — and gets hammered for it:

Paranoia huh?..……Better protected by life insurance huh?

I wonder what the poor widow and her children think about that…I’d say ask the husband’s opinion but he’s dead. What a tragedy.

Statistically unlikely…true…but the consequences and severity of them should it occur are not worth taking that risk of not being able to defend self and family. (Someone should send the “parenting expert” the link to this story )


Sad story :frowning_face:


This is when my actual experience does not command: Hello “Clockwork Orange”! I really, personally, don’t think a woman should be a bearer of arms. There are special purposes protected by God in this system of things so that there is a special purpose for ONLY certain women who have had to endure extraordinary circumstances. Hollywood makes us think that maybe this is common fair, but it is not.

Do we live in Extra Ordinary Times?


And, speaking as a woman who’s been shooting for over 40 years… I’m just going to say NOTHING equalizes like a gun.

That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate that my husband would put his life on the line for me, or any innocent, without a single moments thought. He would, and it’s one of the reasons I love him.

But so would I.

And if you were to say that I should not / could not carry, I would say my life is one of the most valuable things I have and why would you tell me I have no right to defend it? Or no right to defend my granddaughter and great granddaughter?

The thing is, it doesn’t diminish my husband that I also carry. It doesn’t reduce his providership or protectorship that I am not helpless, or that I can stand shoulder to shoulder with him to defend our own.

We are not interchangeable, we are not identical, we each have our own roles, but we both have the right, and the capability, to protect and defend.


Wow! just Wow. That is horrible.


Not sure I agree with that cousin James…mainly because I’m not attached to my wife’s hip 24/7 and I still want her and my kids to be safe when I’m not at home. I want to make the fight as unfair as possible in her odds in case something horrible like that were to ever happen (God forbid) and that means arming her to the tooth and making sure she gets out to the range enough to be proficient (my daughter and son also).

But I do agree we live in extraordinary times……


God made men, Sam Colt made’em equal.


Every human being has the innate right to defend themselves. It doesn’t matter where you choose to believe that right comes from…Like gravity, it simply is.

Children, the aged, the infirm- these deserve to be protected by those more capable. All adults should be prepared to defend themselves and those in their charge if need be, which includes having the means and opportunity to do so.

Yes, males and females are different, but when it comes to being mature adults acting in the real world, those differences are mostly in the details. The fundamental rights and responsibilities are the same.

As in all things, adults have free will and choice, and may choose the means and methods they may use in their defense. We may see what others have chosen and think them fools (as they may when seeing our choices) but we cannot restrict their right to make that choice lest we give fuel to those who would restrict what we may choose.


I know some pretty bad ass women who are bearers of arms. Many of them sisters in law enforcement and friends in the service of our country. And there are a good number of them who would put me to shame in tactics and marksmanship. I believe what the Bible says about the man being the head of the household but I do not believe that makes women lesser than men, only different. As Keith Urban says in the song Female

When somebody talks about how it was Adam first does that make you second best or did He save the best for last?

Lets just say I do not think He made women second best!


Follow up story from MLive on the man that was killed by this intruder. I don’t believe in letting the victims be faceless while the criminal is paraded about the media.


man, nothing about that story gets any better. :confused: hard hard story to read.

Horrible… I understand that you are getting down to your inner auspice that lauds “Not OK!” for a female to carry a firearm. Your response to Zee misleads many! Do not lay judgement in this “system of things” as to male/female roles for your foundation of irreverence and hypocrisy. Hold to your own!/though and however! 50cal hip side for 5.0 that needs authority for you in decency. Fight! (worldly) My house is not UR house!


@James234 I’m pretty sure @MikeBKY is responding to the original posted story as horrible, not to my post.

I’m having a little trouble following your meaning. Maybe you can clarify your post.


My comment was that what happened was horrible. I was responding to your post, not @Zee’s post. I disagree with your assessment that women should not bear arms.
My wife does not like firearms but she has been trained to use them if the need arises. That is her choice, not mine, and I respect her choice.
My wife is my equal in our relationship. She is better at some things and I am better at others. She completes me. She is not second best.


Same at my house. My wife isn’t yet comfortable with the idea of carrying a gun herself, but, if I was taken out, she’ll grab my carry gun and make her stand. I guarentee it.