Seems it is not just guns now a days

gotta watch out for axe carryin types now too???

lot of links on this happening this is just one…

still don’t understand how those people ignored the fact that their attacker had an axe???

and lately been several knife and machete attacks all over the world…


Damn assault axes! Should be banned immediately!Lol…


It’s been said before, it’s not the gun, it’s the evil in a person’s heart (or mind).


So, if I understand correctly, this is a man that “believes” he is a woman? It then claimed that its hormone medication, drugs and alcohol spurred it to attempted murder after its advance on a female was spurned. I won’t even go into why a male that apparently is interested in women would believe he is woman.

He is confused on so many levels. Interestingly, he was supposedly getting treatment for depression, etc., but apparently not for his issues with his belief that he is a woman. Sounds like a good reason not to provide hormone-blockers and opposite hormones to people that believe they are actually a different sex than their biology indicates.


Messing with hormones is incredibly dangerous.
Spend 10 minutes on the internet and you’ll see the claim that transgender persons have a suicide rate X times higher than the rest of society. The shallow implication is that they kill themselves because of transphobia, and if you’d just pretend you can’t see their adam’s apple they’d be happy. I’ve long believed it’s much more complex than that, to include the implicit mental & emotional issues associated with gender dysphoria in the first place. But I have to wonder how many of the suicides are related to the hormone imbalance. I’ve witnessed this. Hormones have an amazing impact on a person’s physical and mental well-being, and altering them is akin to playing with fire. It can help a person who needs it, or it can burn them if they aren’t careful.

EDIT: I am not trying to be dismissive of the crime mentioned in this thread, nor of transgender suicides. I am merely suspicious of our approach to transgender issues, and I wish it were more cautious and scientifically based. Right now, it seems to be driven by social media.


The opening paragraph clearly states what’s wrong.

A woman who attacked two strangers with an axe in a Sydney convenience store has had her jail term increased by five years.

Society had given them an excuse for their misbehavior.
Sooner or later, they’re going to be overcome by what ails them inside their head. :man_shrugging:t4:


Thats basically how I look at the transgender topic too. It’s really just the Democrats next iteration of the “race card.”

The Transfender population has something like a 40% suicide rate. For ever 5 Trans people, 2 are likely to kill their selves. That is sad! To me ita a sign those folks need real help and not just verify their misconceptions. We don’t fo that with any other group, why do it here? Think of people dealing with anorexia. We don’t tell a 21 year old 80lb 5’5" woman that shes really 400lbs and let her continue starving herself. NO, we get those people help.


Yeah, I don’t know what the exact rate it, but I know it’s very high. You’re right, it is very sad. I don’t know what the answer is, but I fear for their well-being because it’s such a political issue. Politicians won’t find a solution; they’ll just capitalize on the problem. If anything, politicians will interfere with the people who are doing the most good.