Yahoo censoring of news stories

If anyone had any doubt about the news media bias, all you have to do is look at Yahoo news stories. Now , right before the election, they have stopped anyone from commenting at all on any of their stories under the excuse that they are trying to create a safer??? environment. They continue to find new ways to bash Trump, the RNC, the police and throw favorable light on anything the Democratic party does. A lot of the comments on these stories corrected misconceptions, stretched facts and out right lies of the reporter. Now these reporters(???) can say anything they want without correction! READER BEWARE!


Yahoo… :thinking: What the hell is Yahoo? Oh… Yahoo!
I stopped using their services in 1990 when they started sending spams and viruses to European servers.
I haven’t opened their website to see anything there since then… I’m not surprised they’re still doing BS :poop:

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It was once called Yellow Journalism and was defined as sensationalism that sells papers. We see it quite regularly even in today’s media with different sources saying whatever they want as an “opinion” piece or not and adding the smallest tiny retraction after the fact if something was wrong to cover them legally.

I was a democrat and why I was one, simply put, was because I was deluded into believing I was morally righteous and doing the right thing for everyone. The party had me convinced that the opposition was only working towards their own personal gains while “we” were doing what was right for everyone. Honestly, democrats feed on emotions and your feelings. They tap into how things make you feel and use fear to motivate you to vote the way they recommend. They are truly the most heinous awful party this country has ever had in history and is directly responsible for the worst atrocities in our history. I get why people belong to them…they really do a great PR job convincing people to hate the other side…I just wish we all stopped and shined a light on the cockroaches so we can watch them scatter and the rest of the people see them for the lies they tell. I don’t have high hopes though because feeding people’s fears is what they do best and it’s the strategy they’ve mastered.


I to was a Democrat for 43 years. Even before Obama, they were stealing our party away from us. With Obama I could no longer stay with the party. I never voted straight party line. Voted for the best man for the job based on qualifications and platform. The Demos got soooo far off the reservation I could no longer be a member of the party. I’m very afraid for America!!!

It’s not just Yahoo! It’s Alphabet (Google and YouTube). It’s Twitter. It’s Facebook (Instagram). The level of censorship and propaganda is shocking to Pravda and Al Jazeera.


I agree - votes for the person who represents your views the best! And due to the amazing variety we are afforded in this country, no two people will have the exact same views on all subjects.

It’s an interesting (and somewhat frustrating) conundrum.

I actually have Al-Jazeera in my news feed, along with Law Enforcement digest and a few other sites because I don’t believe any one source anymore.