Would like to gain a CCW in Riverside County, CA

I am very interested in acquiring a ccw, I work as a clinical therapist and have clients suffering with mental health struggles. I have a private practice, will this assist me to gain a ccw here in Riverside County? and yes… CA.

thank you

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Try checking with your county sheriff. All the info I need in my county is posted online.

*** just my opinion but you could’ve worded your post differently.


While we cannot assist you with actually getting your permit, I can direct you to some resources that may help you understand/find details about the process:


California is a May-Issue state. Which means they may or may not issue you a permit. Check out the details on the link above and let us know what other questions you have.

Good luck, @Jeff76!

I’ve got one from there. What’s the question?

Sheriff Sniff Is a mostly shall issue kind of guy. If you’re a resident of Riverside county you should be able to get one unless you are barred for other reasons.

I wouldn’t recommend specifically citing that you work with dangerous types, as they may issue CCW for only while you come and go from work. If you just say you want it for life hazards in your areas, you’ll get a regular unrestricted permit.


Hi Glock27ccw,
thank you kindly for the reply, I will state on my documents like you have written here.
I enjoy my Glock26.

Have a safe 4th of July Holiday,

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