Women's training - The Well Armed Woman USPSA/Clay/Holster/Malfunctions

If you’re not familiar with them, there are a couple of shooting orgs specifically designed for women. “The Well Armed Woman” and “A Girl and A Gun” are the two I know about. I’ve just found out about TWAW and joined a local chapter, yesterday was their All-Michigan-Chapters all-day training event.

We had over 50 women there I think, all shooters coming from different disciplines. Age range from early 20’s to well into their 80’s (guessing :slight_smile:) and every bit of the diversity you can imagine in race, fitness, handicaps, education, career, personality style, shooting style, and experience.

It was pretty amazing :smiley: I can’t EVEN tell you how cool it was to hang out with 50 other women who get it about guns.

We had hour-long training sessions in holster work (draw, shoot, assess, reholster), malfunction clearing, sporting clays, move-and-shoot USPSA style with both silhouette and steel targets, .22 rifle precision games, and a 3-gun demo. The teachers were EXCELLENT and the range of questions that came from the women during training was Truly Awesome.

For you USPSA knowledgeable folks - I shot 23 "A"s 1 “D” - on a 24 round station. :grin: feeling pretty good about that! Ok, my time kinda sucked because I’m back to stovepiping on the Canik, but I’ll go work on that today… got some good observation from the RSO on what’s happening there. Yep, I know, it’s not the gun :roll_eyes: :grimacing: it’s me. We think I’m not locking out my strong arm, so my arm’s taking up the recoil and the Canik wants a stiffer grip than that. [sigh] Got lots of practice with clearing malfunctions though. :+1:

Gunzilla (cleaning solutions) showed up to vend as did Gun Tote’n Mamas

if you are going to carry in a bag ^^^ these are the folks to see - ambidexterous everything, and every bag designed around carry, not with guns as an afterthought. Plus both cute and classy designs.

And there was a tasty lunch and dinner, and a Stop The Bleed class after dinner (which I couldn’t stay for).

All in all, it was an excellent event, and a day very well spent.

Y’all know I love training with men - and not just because that’s who’s there. That’s still true. However, if you have women around you who shoot - or who might like to shoot - or who are even thinking about shooting - find them a Well Armed Woman or a Girl and a Gun chapter and get them there. BIG win on the quality of the event, the information, and the comfort level of training in the company of other women.