Womens Conceal Carry options

New here and new to Florida from California. Wow such a huge difference. Getting my concealed permit next week. What do most women use to conceal?


That question has as many answers as what kind of car do most women drive. It is up to the individual and what “feels” right for you as well as what you enjoy shooting. @zee likes Glocks while @Dawn likes Sigs.
If you dont have a preference my suggestion is to go to a range with someone who will not pressure you toward one thing or another and rent a few different makes/models and calibers to see what you are comfortable with.

Depending on where you are in Florida there may be some women here willing to meet you someplace and give you some advice.

If you are inexperienced with firearms I would suggest finding and taking a shooting class in your area (again you may be able to find a women’s group if that would be more comfortable for you).

I am sure some others will jump in with advice once they see your post.



Hi @Valerie, welcome to the community! I think you might find some helpful ideas in these threads - if you don’t see what you’re interested in, or if the answers bring up other questions, by all means jump in on any of them or on this thread and ask what you want to know! There’s a ton of knowledgeable people on here.

If you’re looking for some posts by us gals, take a look at posts by @Kelly @Dawn @Nancy who are pretty active here and have a lot of experience.
@Linda1111 you might find some interesting things here too :slight_smile:

some ideas on approach to choosing a firearm here:

some ideas on training with women’s shooting groups here:

some info on how women approach learning to shoot and carry here:

some info on women in the boy’s club… a thing that’s really not a problem in this forum (YAY!) here:

if you’re interested in getting a .22 for training purposes, here are some ideas:


Thanks Zee,

Took my class, tried a few guns and just want to find the best way to carry in Florida where clothes are minimal. I am in my 60’s but still don’t overdress. Haha. I will check some of these sites out.

– Valerie


@Valerie Here in MO, where it’s stinky hot and humid during the summer, my granddaughter is carrying using a Can-Can classic hip band holster. It’s a little sweat-holding, because it’s basically a wide elastic base, but it’s very effective and she can easily conceal it with a loose blouse or a light shirt worn over her usual tank and leggings. In jeans with an untucked shirt it’s pretty much non-printing with her Glock G43. With something closer fitting, it looks like a phone in her back pocket. She’s pretty tiny, 5’2" and a bit over 100 lbs, so she doesn’t have much room to conceal a firearm on. here’s a link with some pictures:

for me, the Dene Adams carry tank works really well - it’s a corset type but it has the net back so it’s a little cooler and somewhat less sweaty in the summer.

their pro-carry leggings are AWESOME for winter, but might be a bit much in florida winters… not sure how your winter weather is.
I don’t have a non-sweaty solution for summer carry yet, but so far the Dene Adams carry tank is what’s working best for me.


Welcome to the Community, @Valerie! I like my sticky holster, but it might be a little “sticky” for Florida.

I’m looking at getting a N82 (Nate Squared) holster: https://n82tactical.com/ for my next holster so that the butt of the gun doesn’t rub my skin raw. I like the bit of grit to the grip, but I don’t like having my skin rubbed with the grit.

There are so many options out there, it’s amazing!


@Valerie Welcome to USCCA and to Florida! Where do you live in Fla? I live in Cocoa, which is in Central Fla between the Kennedy Space Center and Disney World. If you are anywhere near me, I can get together with you sometime if you want. You’ve probably already gotten your cc gun, but I will comment on your previous question anyway. I carry a .45 1911 for my ccw. Many think a 1911 is rather large, but I like knowing that I have stopping power with me so I carry my .45 1911 and sometimes my Glock 30 (also a .45 cal). For a backup weapon, which I carry especially when travelling, I carry a Smith & Wesson .380 Shield EZ. The EZ is a fabulous new gun, very easy to rack, load the magazine, shoot, in short, it’s wonderful for anybody who wants a solid weapon but has arthritis or just wants an easy-to-use weapon! For a backup 9mm, I’m going to test the Sig P365 and the Glock 43X. Both weapons have very positive reviews and are relatively new to the market. The 9mm is a bit more powerful than the .380, but you can’t beat the ease of use of the Shield EZ! The EZ is a spectacular weapon, in my opinion. Hope this helps a bit, if you’re still looking. Oh, for carry in Fla, where it’s always hot and humid, I just use a pocket holster and stick it in my waistband. I saw the review on the bellyband, though, and might try that. I also have regular IWB holsters that I use when I go to the range or sometimes at night when it’s cooler. Let me know what you decide, please! I’m always interested in others’ experiences and opinions.

Again, welcome! Glad you’re here! :cowboy_hat_face: :cowboy_hat_face: :cowboy_hat_face:



Thank you for your information. Really appreciate it. No I do not have my carry gun yet. Doing lots of research before I spend the money. We are in Sarasota so not too close to you. Bummer. My current weapon is a Sig 226 and looking at Sig 320 or 365 for carry. Thank you again for your input.


@Valerie NC summers get pretty hot and humid also. Like you said in those conditions make you want minimal clothing. I basically have three ways of carrying depending upon what I am wearing. If I am in a dress that’s not tight I use a garter holster from Can Can. If you go that route make sure you get the garter belt to go with it. You wouldn’t want you holster to accidentally slide down you leg due to the weight of whatever you are carrying. If I am wearing shorts or pants that I can wear a belt with I use the light tuck by Vedder holsters with a Hank’s gun belt. For those days where I can’t wear a belt and also not wearing a dress I use a belly band type of holster. I currently carry a Sig P365 and have no issues concealing it. Well, I don’t as long as I am not wearing something snug or form fitting that is.

Also if you haven’t fired the P320 or P365 yet I suggest finding a range where you can rent one to shoot first. Welcome to the community. :smiley:


Welcome and welcome to the carrying world.

How you carry is very individual and lots of factors come into play.

What I would advise you is this, keep the gun on your body rather than in some sort of bag if at all possible. If you must carry in a purse or some other bag buy bags/purses made specifically for pistol carry with dedicated “pistol pockets” and certainly reinforced cut proof/resistant straps.

The last thing you want is the feeling you’ve just given a felon a gun when you realize your purse/bag has just been snatched.

There’s also the simple fact that in an emergency your odds of survival go up dramatically with on body vs off body carry.

The most important advice I can give you is don’t stop at your license to carry qualification, to be a competent defender you need to be a confident carrier.

Confidence and competence go hand in hand and the way you build them is with constant practice proper practice of skills.

I’ve been an instructor in both the civilian and military world and worked with lots of LEO’s and of all the programs I’ve been through so far and or taught I’d tell you that the USCCA programs are the best and most contextual training for home and self defense I’ve seen.


I am in Florida where it is hot & sticky for most of the year. I have looked at holsters and bought quite a few but I am having trouble finding one that is perfect. I use different ones with different outfits. Sometimes it is confusing for me to match a holster with an outfit but I just figure it is another accessory to choose when I am getting dressed in the morning. I do like to use my purse.


@Iamkathleen I’m not a fan of purse carry - its the first thing a thief wants to take away from you, and if he succeeds in snatching, you’ve not only lost your weapon for defense, you’ve given him one for assault. That said, @Dawn will probably argue that purse carry is better than no-carry. I think its a personal decision that one has to look at very carefully, and train for appropriately. If you purse carry, then you probably need to make choices about how attached to your body that bag is… cross body? kevlar in the strap so it can’t be cut? do you train in how to keep hold of a purse, or to draw while struggling over it with a thief? I don’t, and that’s part of why I don’t purse carry.
All these things are part of both the “what’s convenient when nothing bad is going wrong” and the “what if its all going wrong and I have to handle an assault” thinking and training we need to do.

You may want to look at this thread on carrying in shorts - a lot of the guys have weighed in on what works for them in hot sticky climates, and some of it might work for you as well:


:clap: right there with you lady.
Over the years of learning all topics surrounding firearms, this is one category my opinion is unchanged.


I’d just warn you that purse carry brings with it some complications you need to consider.

If you are out in public say at dinner what do you do with your purse to ensure it can’t be snatched and you have ready access to your carry gun?

In the car or at work what do you do with your purse?

If you’re going to carry in a purse please, buy a purse specifically designed for carry that has cut proof/resistant straps and remember to always keep it where it cannot easily be snatched.


I am also not a fan of purse carry. There are very few instances where carrying in a purse is the only option. Mainly when wearing a form fitting dress or evening gown. Even then you can inside the thigh carry with a garter holster. Although I have and do use a garter holster (I carry on the outside of my thigh) I hate carrying on the inside of my thigh. Mainly due to chub rub lol. After a night of the grip texture rubbing the skin like sandpaper it’s not a pleasant feeling. When there is no other conceivable option to carry will I then and only then consider using a purse. At that it will be one specifically designed to carry with reinforced straps that cannot be cut. It will also only be a cross body purse that will not come off of me until I am safely at home. No matter what you choose practice practice practice drawing from it.


Thank you everyone & I agree, purse carry is not the best or my favorite option,. I do worry about someone snatching it while walking into the store so I rarely have it in my purse. I do have a concealed carry crossbody that cannot be cut. It doesn’t come off of me unless I give it to my husband and he looks silly but he carries it.

At work I carry on my person and I do wear shorts so I am on my way to read “Best way to carry when wearing shorts”. Thank you Zee and thank you everyone for your words of wisdom.


@Iamkathleen sounds like you’re being very thoughtful about it. Have you figured out the best way to draw when you do purse carry?

You get to carry at work? I’m envious :star_struck:


Depending on how you are built and what you choose to carry there are also some specially made bras that you can easily hide a bug gun in.

I’ve even seen some beautiful necklaces made with a gold or silver plated pocket gun and some of the bug’s can easily be fitted into a nice belt with a special pocket.

I’ll state once again, that the .22wrm is the most underrated and ignored self defense caliber out there when loaded with 60gr HP’s.

There are quite a few nice small revolvers and Derringer type pistols available in the caliber from very reputable manufacturers. You’d be surprised how easily they are to hide even in something pretty slinky.


Easy to hide, yes. Easy to shoot… not so much. My hubby’s got a derringer and I absolutely hate shooting the thing. Never feels like I can get any kind of a grip on it.


That’s the problem with all of the micro compacts and Derringers.

If you stick with small calibers like 22lr, 22wrm, .25 and 32 though they can be very controllable and still be quite effective at changing the bad guys behavior at very short range.