Recommended intro .22 target pistols for women


Recommendations for women starting in low level league for .22 pistol shoots.
Brand. Model. Why?


I like the Ruger SR22. Inexpensive, functions reliably, can be suppressed if you get a threaded barrel, changeable grips, trigger isn’t terrible.

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Heritage Rough Rider, Single Action simple revolver, inexpensive, can be bought with .22wmr cylinder.

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For low level .22 pistol competition it’s going to be hard to beat the Ruger Mk IV or the Browning Buckmark. I’m partial to the Ruger but that’s just me. You should look up some serious and educated reviews on them.

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I want to love the SR22. Small, comfortable, etc. But one thing kills it for me. The manual safety. It’s backwards compared to every other firearm I have ever held. New shooters-don’t get used to it when handeling others. Experienced shooters-not what you think.
I’m sorry, I truly want to love this pistol. :pensive:

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That’s a great insight about the SR22, Kelly! And one that can make a huge difference!

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Yea the Mark IV and Buck Mark have my attention.
Both affordable and longer and heavier barrels. Seems to come down to fit (grip) and bells and whistles

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I cant say the safety going up instead of down is a deal breaker for me. I have adjusted to firearms that have a variety of safeties. I’ve never had anyone make that observation about the SR22 before.

But then again when I let people shoot it, its empty with the slide back when they take control of it. So the safety is disengaged.


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So far, the Ruger TARGET AND HUNTER are winning.
The SR22 even with long barrel is out of the running.

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Cool beans I’ll keep using it to introduce people to .22lr.

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Smith and Wesson Victory and M&P 22 Compact are nice as well. Don’t overlook guns like the LCR, and SP101 in 22 also.

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Great topic for me, cause I want to start my fiance shooting a 22 first.

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