Wisconsin -- Milwaukee gun referendum

MILWAUKEE — A majority of community members in Milwaukee County would like to see military-style gun bans, election results showed.

A referendum on Tuesday’s ballot asked residents if the Wisconsin Legislature should “prohibit the import, sale, manufacture, transfer, or possession of semi-automatic “military-style” firearms whose prohibition is allowed under the Wisconsin and United States Constitutions.”


I don’t suppose it defined what “military-style” is defined as?


Paul Nolette, an associate professor of political science and department chair at Marquette University, explains, “Voters can propose an entirely new law independently from the elected officials.”

Nolette explains, “The wording is a little bit confusing, and in part because there’s no specific definition of what a military-style weapon is. You know, you often hear that phrase of assault weapon, but those don’t have a specific legal term. So I mean, given the beginning of this referendum and the debate over it and such, it’s really focused on the sort of AR-15 type of weapons that we’ve seen used in many mass shootings, including just recently across the country. And so that’s what this is trying to get at.”


Did someone rewrite the Constitution?
Does anyone remember! More than alcohol was spilled! That period in time gave rise to an extreme amount of violence! Banning the most popular firearms in the world will lead to way more “ghost guns” or whatever it takes to keep society armed! They want to create a new breed of mobster!
They should be careful what they wish for!
Gang violence will become an Olympic sport! Hosted by the cartels that were invited into the country!
Go ahead create a Volstead Act! 1,520 agents.
Fast forward 2022, 87,000 new “IRS” agents.

You can call me AL.


well look like 69% want to be helpless victims,good for them


Wow, this, like associate, umm, professor sure uses lots of filler words. He speaks like a high school person-who-identifies-as-female, just saying. Not like what I expect a professor to speak.

If voters can enact and enforce an entirely new law, “independently from the elected officials” – this is great! Down with the Representative Republic, let anarchy rule. A political scientist knows what he is talking about.


Isn’t it odd that we regularly hear the anointed point crooked little fingers at Conservatives as oppressive, while calling us specific names such as Nazis?

Yet this type of political gymnastics is taken directly from the playbook of Adolph Hitler. Society will be safer.

Perplexing, indeed.

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“Military Style” will be defined by politicians without any regard for lethality, or anything else. It will change every time there is a shooting.