Winter time

It’s that time of year when the weather is changing and it’s getting cold. Where I work I can’t have my gun on me so I use a gun safe in my car to store the gun during the night. Is it bad for a gun /ammo to store outside like this for ten hours a night? Thanks for all the help.


@Scott122. As far as the actual firearm is concerned, temperature is not the major problem, moisture is. What finish is on the metal of the guns? When you take them indoors, I believe that there will be some frost/condensation. Also, scopes will fog up when taken into warmer areas. Be prepared to wipe down the outside, and do periodic break down and oiling to check for rust. And maybe wipe down ammo too, if it is damp or wet from condensation.


Good morning sir, if you have a good secure safe in your vehicle and out of plain sight you should be fine. Make sure it is well tied down to something strong and hide it underneath the car seat.


I second @Cobra here.
If you are using factory ammo and at least “middle price range” firearm I don’t see any problem storing them outside.
You can always use “Rust Stopper” or “Bore Stick” from Otis.


Honestly I would not think so. Just make sure you get your firearm and holster it when you drive home to allow for the heat to avoid too much frost or moisture on the firearm.

There are people in some places that keep a ‘truck gun’ in their vehicle constantly, and it does not effect it.

Wipe it down if it does get moist or wet and keep ‘Breakfree’ handy.


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I would pack in the lower part of the safe a bunch of moisture absorbing silica packets and change them out as needed for extra protection


I would also put a BUllfrog or ZeRust inhibitor in the container (not touching the firearm)


In a safe, I think it should be completely fine. Maybe just cover it (the safe) in a small blanket for extra temperature protection. Moisture is worse then low temperature, so just check on it every now and then. Maybe put a moisture absorber in the safe? Just something small and simple, no need to go crazy. And you should cycle out the ammo and magazine at least once a year anyways, just to make sure it’s good to go. I do. One 15 round mag of defensive ammo lasts me 6 months. I then shoot the ammo and use a different mag when I replenish it. That way you know 100% the ammo and magazine are good to go. Sure, it would probably be good for like 5 years straight, but you never know.


I have a very hefty but small safe in the garage, Maybe OD of 2.5’ by 3’ and weighs 1500 lbs. Walls about 5 inches thick with 3/8" plate all around. Went down one afternoon (I am in wet Oregon) and the entire safe was just sweating water, whole outside totally wet. I even keep it covered in a couple layers of burlap… After seeing that, first thing I did was put a huge Bull frog VCI in the safe, and now any gun I lock up I first clean, put in a silicone cloth, put a small VCI inhibitor on top then vacuum pack it so no water can get to it even if the safe went under water.