Why People Are Panic-Purchasing Guns

Just yesterday I was at a LGS and the counter man said that in his experience during the last few weeks, 90% of gun sales were to first time buyers who needed lots of advice and to be led through the process step by step.

Unscientific,and certainly not all-inclusive, it it bears out what I have heard from other sales clerks.

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Regarding ammo, as one not fresh to 2A related things, I’m reminded right now with this pandemic that buying that reloading press, and having at least 1000 rds per caliber on hand, was indeed prudent.

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As a ranger safety officer, I can see I’m going to busy when we reopen our outdoor range.

I see this all as a plus. Perhaps these people will better understand the importance of 2A after all is said and done. We should all be taking the crazed anti-gunners to the range. They’ll probably have a good time!


The only nice thing about all this. All the myths the left has been spewing has been proven wrong especially in CA. IE Buying guns on the internet and they are easier to get that a library book, I know some FFL in CA that had to explain there was a 10 day wait on the gun…

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Just spoke to relative who owns a shop in Indiana. They got rushed when this all started, said the shelves were empty. It’s a small family owned shop.

She told me there were people they had to explain the NICS check to, who thought they could pick a gun, pay for it, then take it home.

What stinks about this for me is, I’d sent replacement tritium sights to their shop before all this, and was gonna send my 1911 on the 1st for them to be changed. They had to close their shop bc of this pandemic. You can’t get further than 10 ft from another customer in the space between the front door and counter, so not enough room for distancing guidelines. And contrary to what plenty of liberals think, he cant setup a handgun purchase drive through window :mask: