Why Don't Gun Owners Compromise on Gun Control?


We’ve been compromising on gun control since the 1930’s!


This kind of “compromise” is akin to the “pyramid of choice,” wherein the only reference point is where we are right now. Each choice to compromise is just a small thing to give up for safety; it’s only common sense, right? Except it’s “just a small thing” every… single… time… a thousand times over.

With each step left from “right now,” we incrementally move further and further away from our 2A rights, and when we finally pause and look back at where we started, we realize that we are now so very far away from where we started to “compromise,” or ever thought we’d be, and by then it’s too late.


Hmmm. Isn’t everyone tired of seeing the control crowd grab the goal post, run to their side and then demand, “compromise with us”?
Are we not also tired of watching the NRA stroll over and do exactly that?

1934 NFA was an NRA brokered compromise.
1968 interstate commerce was an NRA brokered compromise.
1986 FOPA was an NRA brokered compromised.
1993 Brady was a NRA brokered compromised.
1994 assault ban was a NRA brokered compromise.

Isn’t it time to yank that goal post back and make them compromise on our terms, not theirs?


I agree with Colion. We have “compromised” for far too long! “we are taking this. Oh, you want something if we take that? Sorry, sucks to suck!” IS NOT A COMPROMISE!


I love Colions vids, but didn’t bother watching this one, 'cuz I already figured what his point was going to be. Sharp guy, and someone I’m certainly glad to have on our side.


The problem is you can’t compromise with the anti-gun community, you give an inch they will take a yard and keep taking. Anti gunners don’t have a clue about guns, they don’t understand the importance of the 2A and don’t know the history of why we have guns.


With the left, the compromises all go one way, so the next year when they come back for more, you find yourself being asked to compromise on the half you were left over with last year, so that the new compromise would leave you with a quarter of what you started with. Compromise with the left is a leftist con game. The compromises all go their way when in fact, no compromise should be being made with a basic right. They only ever take.

The Title of this thread is a perfect example: quote “why Don’t gun owners compromise” The title is false in it’s very words! we HAVE compromised, many times!

The truth everyone knows is, no compromise will ever be enough because their goal is not safety or reasonable controls, their goal is elimination of gun rights all together. The sad truth is, compromising with the left on gun control is nothing more than letting them take yet another step towards their goal of eliminating the right completely.

Never forget how " nobody is going to come and take your guns" became " Hell YES! we are going to come and take your gun! " And THAT man was appointed to Biden’s administration. what more can be said?


The reason is simple: incrementalism is the death of any right. The idea that we can give an inch and everyone will be happy is foolish and dangerous thinking.