Why can't people understand?

Why can’t people understand?,

Sorry if this is too long but this is just some of my thoughts on the 2nd A. and the so called gun control.
Please read all of this and comment.

Guns do not kill people, People Kill People!

We didn’t have all these shootings back in the 50’s, 60’s, and early 70’s and kids had guns in the back window of pick-ups in racks,
There were gun clubs in schools.
We need to study on what has changed!

Why do people want to kill innocent people? That is the real problem.

My opinion is any one or more of the following can be why?, mental health, drugs (Illegal and legal), legally prescribed for mental health, violent games, bad or non parenting, having no roll models or the wrong roll models, just letting the kids get away with bullying, or anything else without any real punishment, and possibly violence in the movies but I watch the movies and I know it is just a movie and it does not make me want to go out and kill.
I grew up and loved watching westerns, cops and robbers and gangster shows.

Until we find the answer to this question and do something to fix it then nothing will help!

If guns kill people then spoons make people fat, cars drive drunk and pens & pencils spell words wrong.

If guns kill people, Why do we send soldiers with guns to war, Why not just send the guns?
It takes someone to pull the trigger!

It makes no sense to punish the innocent for the actions of a few!!!

At least some of these shootings I think are copy cat actions by loonies who wants some kind of recognition!

To blame the NRA for any of the killings is flat out stupid!
That is like blaming AAA for drunk drivers!

There hasn’t been a single NRA member involved in any of the mass killings and they promote safety and training! Also they don’t sell guns, they are not a gun store!
The NRA is why there is a present instant background check now, it was their bill! It just is not enforced! There was only 40 something people out of thousands prosecuted for trying to buy a gun when they were not legally able to do so!

A gun is a tool, it can save lives or take lives. Just like a lot of other tools, it’s who is operating the tool that matters!

If there were no guns then a person who wants to kill will find another way and use something else. You cannot outlaw everything and even if you could the criminal still don’t care about laws.

Look at the prisons, the most guarded places and they still find ways to have weapons and do crime inside!

There really is no such thing as gun control because it takes people with guns to stop a bad guy with a gun or to try and take the guns away from law abiding gun owners!

If only the police and the military have the guns, we would be in a Poliice State type of Government!

All one has to do is study history to see what happens when the government starts to register guns and then bans them!

How do you explain Prohibition or the War on Drugs, The Drinking and smoking age limit, etc. !
How well did those laws turn out?

People who say that one does not need a Semiautomatic for hunting or self defense or a silencer don’t know what their talking about.
First they are not silencers, they are supressors that just makes them quiter (not silent) for the shooter and others that the sound may bother and to protect thier hearing.
Just like a muffler on a vehicle!

Second, one does not need a lot of things but they may want them anyway, like a Ferrari or a Multi-Million Dollar mansion, a smoke, cheesecake, a drink (alcohol or pop), and if you need something for self defense you may need a Semiautomatic with a large mag. full of ammo.
There may very well be more than one person and one shot may not be enough to stop each one… People miss more, than they hit their target, even the cops!
Not to mention that it is a right of self defense!

That AR does not stand for Assault Rifle, it stands for Armalite, the Company that originally made the gun.
And they made it for the civilians first, the military adopted the full auto version later.
So it is not a weapon of war! Although we should be able to have the same weapons that the military has, just like back in the Revolutionary War, the people had the same weapons.

Practically anything can be used for a weapon for an Assault. A knife, scissors, hammer, bat, bow&arrow, rock, tire iron, a butter knife, a fork, bare hands, feet, etc.

To call the AR a weapon of war is nonsense!
It is a modern sporting rifle that is versatile so it can be and is used for many things.
I would hope that the military has fully automatic guns not Semi-Auto.

By the way, No such thing as fully Semi-automatic!

The difference between Semiautomatic and Automatic?
Technically a Revolver is a Semiautomatic, a shot for every trigger pull as fast as you can pull the trigger. (Therefore if they ban semi-autos, that would include a ban on practically all guns).
Versus an auto which keeps shooting as long as you hold the trigger or you run out of ammo.

The idea of the military style weapons are just cosmetic, it does not have anything to do with the way it operates.

Also why can’t people understand that if we ever have to defend ourselves against a tyrannical government, (and don’t think that it could never happen here, that is what other countries thought before it happened to them) or another country and the citizens don’t have the same type of guns that the government (or criminal) has then we are at a disavantage.
And that goes for a home or self defense situation against one or any number of criminals who does not care about any gun laws.

I would just as soon be shot than blown up by a bomb or ran over by a car or truck or die while in a plane being flown into a building, being hi jacked by people with box cutters! (that killed 3000 people).
Even cut or stabed with a knife and don’t think that someone with a knife can’t kill as many people as someone with a gun, a gun may make it easier for the loonie but it could still be done!

I don’t want to be like a fish in a barrel and be totally defenseless.

I have not only a right to defend myself but also a Right to keep and bear arm’s!

The fact that we have the 2nd Amendment is one of the reasons that the U.S. was not and has not been invaded because of all the people with guns!

The 2nd Amendment is the Original Homeland Security!
If you count everybody who has a gun we are the largest Militia in the world!

What happens when there is a bad guy with a gun? Someone calls a good guy with a gun!
It’s just that it is normally to late when the good guy’s arrive!
Wouldn’t it be a good thing to have a good guy already there! If nothing else he could at least slow the bad guy down.

The one girl from the Florida School said on 60 Minutes that she thought that it was stupid to have a teacher with a gun cause what if the teacher gets shot, is it then the responsibility of a student to get the. gun and shoot the bad guy? Well would she rather just sit there along with everybody else and get shot by the bad guy?

Some people say to just try and do something, anything to stop the violence…So try and do something, start by enforcing the current gun laws and increasing the penalties for the crime, especially gun crimes!, getting rid of the gun free zones, which does nothing but let the loonies know that they will not have anyone there to stop them from shooting people (like fish n a barrel).
Letting law abiding people defend them selves by using the 2 Amendment, and let them have a gun. (without having to get a permit, which is not constitutional anyway!), CCW should have a national a reciprocity just like a driver license.
It is a Right ! , not a privilege like a driver’s license which is good in all States.
But a CCW gun permit is not!
But, Drunks and bad guys with or without a License which don’t care about laws anyway can take a car and drive into a crowd and kill people and they don’t talk about banning cars.
Registration of cars do not make the drivers anymore of a responsible driver, just look at all the reckless and drunk drivers, so then making gun owners register the gun is not going to help, that would be just a way knowing who. has a gun in order to conviscate!

Some people think that you are bad parents if you have a gun in the house, so by that way of thinking that makes all law enforcement people bad parents.

Until people are ready to get serious about saving lives and Ban Drunk Driving, Drugs, Smoking, Planned Parenthood, Over Eating, Junk Food, or (should I say forks and spoons), Medical Errors, Bullying and other things that cause death then you are just anti-guns!

Why are most all the people that are anti-gun and trying to make more laws for gun control, They either don’t have guns, have never fired a gun and/or know nothing about guns?
There is or was a Congress woman from Colorado who was one who was in charge of making new gun laws that said that a magazine was a bullet! And when the people shoot them they will eventually be all used up!
How about letting someone who knows about guns be involved in the process! (Hint, NRA)

Why have the CDC study the so called gun violence? A gun is not a decease!
They know nothing about guns!

Guns are just like Insurance or a fire extinguisher, it’s always better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it!

Age has nothing to do with this!
Look at the Vegas shooter!
For those that think so, Well then let’s raise the age for going in to the military, voting, smoking, driving, cell phones & Etc!
Some people are saying that the kids from the school in Florida are so great for standing up for more gun laws, well so why should we listen to them and let them tell the rest of us what to do when they are not old enough to even vote and they don’t understand the history and are just going on emotion!

Just because they were in a school shooting don’t make them experts on guns or history!

Stop and really think about this,
What if there was more gun free zones, less guns of any kind. And Less people with guns.
What Could the terrorists (home grown or other wise, for what ever reason they want to terrorise people) do to us in the U.S.
The terrorists and/or other bad guys would love that!
Remember, the 2ND A. Is The Original and The Best Homeland Security and Personal Security there is Period.

As far as school shootings and teachers (who want to) having guns.
All one has to do is to ask themselves one question and that is this,
If your child is in a school classroom and there is an active shooter coming down the hallway to your child’s classroom and
There is a Security Guard and/or a Trained Qualified Teacher who wants to carry a gun! Do you want the Guard or Teacher to shoot him and take him out or to let him go on to your child’s classroom and start shooting all the defenseless kids and teacher like fish in a barrel? While in the meantime someone calls the good guys with guns (police) and hope they get there in time. Though more than likely, probably not!

When seconds count the good guys with a gun (police) are only minutes away! (And even then, a lot may not do anything.)

How about getting rid of the gun free zones which are stupid, have metal detectors, only one entry point, searches, more security guards and/or trained teachers who want to carry a gun and enforcing current gun laws now, while we figure out what to do about the root cause of why people regardless of age want to kill people!
Bring back the old ways of doing things before all the shooting started, (God, patriotism, parenting, spanking (for disciplining) and increasing the penalization for crimes especially for gun crimes!

We have detectors, guards, camera’s, & etc. at airports, bank’s, sporting events, & etc. Why not at school’s to protect our kid’s?

Teach kids about guns and gun safety so they are not curious about them!

How about a real Televised Prime time discussion/debate (with no yelling or talking over someone or at the same time) with people who actually know about guns, history, laws - past and present, anti- gun people and pro - gun people, such as John Lott, Ben Shapiro,Tucker Carlson, Judge Jeanine Pirro, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Tommie Lahren, Cam Edwards, Dana Loesch and/or any other NRA Spokesperson and any relative of victims, students or any other anti gun person…

I can’t believe that there are people out there that are American and want their rights taken away!
I guess it is proof that you can’t fix Stupid!

The people on both sides of the issue has to actually listen and not bring knee jerk emotion into it!

I could go on and on !
I am so tired of some of the stupid laws!!!

Oh, one more thing I forgot to mention,
When JFK or Martian Luther King was shot No One Blamed The Gun!!!


It’s not about guns. It’s about control.

There are those who want the country to live in a particular way, believe in particular things, say particular things, and behave in a particular way. Those who disagree are evil and must be destroyed, or at least “re-educated” using the meaning assigned by the Soviets and Communist Chinese.


And that is not possible if those you try to control are armed!


The simplest answer to all your questions are, you can’t fix stupid!
You’re right I remember guns at the back of pick-ups and gun clubs. Kids back in the 60’s, 70’s were so terrible, we listened to rock music grew our hair long, smoked a joint now and then, we played outside with cap guns, plastic guns, water guns and oh my gosh, finger guns! We watched stupidly violent cartoons, but none of my friends even thought about shooting up a school! None of us EVER had the notion to harm our classmates. We had decent role models, parents that DISCIPLINED us without fear of going to jail! Now we are promoting and breeding stupidity.
Undisciplined = Stupid: more prone to gang life where they will find tough love discipline and better rewards, money and drugs fast cars and the will to live completely free until death! In my opinion.


In my opinion there are 3 options.

1.) There’s an agenda and our guns get in the way of that.

2.) People want the feel good solution which is usually easier than the real solution which would require personal responsibility.

3.) Is a combination on 1&2.

It doesn’t help that people just believe what makes them feel good. Get the emotions amped up and say they are the reason for all those bad feelings you have.

I have always believed it all comes down to personal responsibility that’s what has changed. My parents never gave me an excuse for being in trouble. My actions led to that outcome period.
That mentality has been lost our society has gotten lazy and it seems it won’t stop till we hit bottom. (Whatever that bottom is could be a whole new thread.)


I agree 100% with both @OldGnome, @Scott52, and @Sheepdog556. I grew up playing with toy guns and watching those TV shows and movies. and I did do anything wrong. And I do own guns and use them to compete with and target shooting. And I’m tired of the ANTI-GUNNERS trying to tell me what I can or cannot do or have. And we need to start voting these people out of office. and we need to start doing it in the 2020 election.ATT000233


I’ve said it before and I will say it again. Economics play a big role here. Many families have both parents working multiple jobs to make ends meet. In the 50s, 60s and 70s most families were still able to get by just fine on a single income. Now dad needs to work one job to pay the bills and another to feed the family. Mom needs to work to put away money for any extras but this brings about the issue of needing to pay for daycare. Now mom works another job to pay for daycare too. Or they do like me and my wife, dad works one shift, mom works another and once a month maybe the entire family gets to have an evening together.

This is the breaking down of the American family. Everything is so expensive now that in order to get by moms and dads have to sacrifice family time and let others raise their kids. In doing so, morals and ethics aren’t being passed down. I see alot of arguments about teachers should be teaching kids this stuff, then counter arguments putting it back on the family.

Who is left to actually teach kids right from wrong? Unless you got lucky, pushed yourself deep into debt with student loans or managed to be good with your hands, you’re likely going to end up working multiple jobs and your spouse is likely to do the same.

There isn’t any one thing we can point fingers at and say this is the cause. There are multiple layers behind it, one “problem” creates multiple layers and each layer causes other problems. Temporary fixes cause other problems as well, it’s a nasty circle.

Another thing is, back in the 50s, 60s and 70s the whole community was part of raising kids. This was actually still around somewhat in the 80s as well. Now people are conditioned to mind their own business and not report delinquent behavior to parents, often cops are called instead of letting the parents know so they can correct behavior. Add to that many parents not trusting that other adults are telling the truth or simply being unwilling to listen and we see more problems and layers. Why is this? Well, I remember neighborhood barbecues in the summer, everyone brought something and mingled and talked, it was disappointing when someone couldn’t make it. I’ve not seen a single one since I was an early teen. People are always too busy, gotta work, gotta do these errands because they only have one day or even only half a day off from work.

I genuinely believe that if we follow the layers and problems we end up looking at the economy. And by that I mean the cost of living is up way higher than the average income compared to what it used to be. (Note that I’m not talking about a specific wage amount, the cost of living varies county to county, city to city, state to state, etc.)

So to close: It’s the root of all evil, money.


I believe it is because as a society we got soft and lazy. Fifth place trophies and saying " My Bad" erasing all we have done wrong. Parents being their kids friends instead of their parents.


I think society has changed because less people go to church.



That’s what they desire in a nutshell!

Is it true about Virginia? I saw a video where the politicians were running out as they hid behind police and armed security.


Impressive first post @Doug4 !!!

Well said sir, welcome to the community.


I’m not a very religious person, though I attended Catholic schools for 12 years. Very good points here but the removal of God from daily life has had a terrible effect on community and country in my opinion. As time goes on, I am finding myself more and more often considering my (lack of?) faith and hope God can get us back on track.


The common denominator is evil. Some people are evil. They will kill with guns, knives (see UK), planes, cars, bats, hands and feet…

You can’t legislate morality. To think that the gubment passing laws will prevent evil is just narrow minded, and foolish.


Yes I remember those days very, very well. Even our rock music was about drugs. Doug4 is spot on. We also have to remember that we have been deceived over the years…look at the Kennedy assassination, and on and on. Have these people been brain washed into stupidity? Yes every vehicle in our high school parking lot, or most of them, had guns in the racks, most of them unlocked. Hunting season was huge. Kids would take guns into school woodshop to work on their stock. Heck I remember guns in lockers. Yes trap and shooting clubs! I remember we had a school assembly that some of the kids shot blanks, from real guns, in a mock up skit! We were the Rustlers, named after Charlie Russell the western artist! What the heck has happened!!!
Another short story…a couple of years ago when our daughter started high school, we were stiing in classrooms, filling out paperwork and schedules etc. Of course I had to open my mouth and tell my daughter that there wasn’t any firearms safety classes offered. Most of the people in that room were women, and I received the dirtiest looks!!!


You sound like you’re slightly before my time, but not much. I really really really miss those days! Keep the reminiscing coming!

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When the liberals forced God or any discussion of faith out of the schools, our society began to slide. I believe in God and my Savior Jesus Christ. As such, I was given rules of conduct that are beyond the corruption of human ideals. God’s rules are absolute. Men, on the other hand, can talk themselves into believing that almost anything is ok. We see this in almost every facet of our society.
Now, one does not need to be religious to be a good or moral person. But our current lack of any sense of personal responsibility cuturally, combined with no absolute rules to live by, gives us mass shootings and all other manners of evil.
But it is not the gun that murders, it will never be the fault of a tool used to protect us. But if you have no moral center, you will never understand. Those are the same people who want us disarmed, silenced, and controled.
You know, we people who cling to our Bibles and guns.


Thanks VirgilH, “God given rights” “In God We Trust” My parents made me go to a parochial school, where every morning we said a prayer, and the Pledge Of Allegiance. We took our hats off when Old Glory passed by us, and we put our hands over our hearts and pray that our Republic will live long. If we see a veteran we say hi. Another story…a few years ago a fellow USCCA instructor invited us downtown Boise, ID, to a privately funded shelter, where he volunteers. The top floor of that shelter is dedicated to homeless veterans. The first fellow we met was in a wheel chair, on oxygen, I couldn’t even speak, as tears filled my eyes, as I shook his hand.


Anyone follow Q here?


I am reminded of an event long ago. I attended a two-week long, summer Music Clinic at the University of Wisconsin the summer of 1974. One of the choirs I sang with performed selections from West Side Story. In my role, I entered from stage right, with a starter’s pistol in my left (upstage) hand, took two steps on stage, raise the gun, aimed, and fired a blank at a rival gang member. The entire audience jumped.

It occurs to me that staging - with a surprise shooting - would never fly today.


Oh my gosh! West Side Story is a classic! I just remembered when I was in high school in early 70’s, the drama dept put on West Side Story, I was on the year book staff and took pictures of the entire play…yes there was some gun fire blanks and carry actual firearms, in the school auditorium…you are right, not today, those days are gone, and forever.