Which Red Dot

I have eye issues that makes irons difficult for me. So dots are great, all I use. I really like the Holosun 507 2x32 circle dot. A larger dot would be nicer but batteries last forever. As for just dot, my RMRs are 2MOA and 6MOA and honestly I can’t really tell you which size is better. It depends on how bright I’m running it. Personally I like the 5MOA-8MOA size. SRO is what I have on my competition guns (IPSC) and they are 5MOA and you don’t have to remove the sight to change batteries like the RMR. Sig has some really nice dot sights worth looking at. Value for dollar, hands down to Holosun. Durability goes to Trijicon RMR. Apologies for the rambling reply.


I have 507, 508, 509, and RMR. I like them all. I won’t buy another 509 or another closed emitter pistol dot at this time (too much class/too many windows/more astigmatism dot burst, heavier, larger, etc)

The 507, 508, and RMR all have 1 year battery life (Holosun way more, and can easily swap battery from the side without unmounting). Good experience with all


Right now, I’m between the Vortex Venom which with Veteran discount I can pick up for about $200.00 or the Trijicon RMR which I have found around $500.00. I really like the survivability of the RMR. Both have gotten good reviews on Sage Dynamics. I’m not going to purchase one for a few months so will see what the budget allows at the time. Thanks for all the valuable input.

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You get what you pay for here


I really wanted to check red dot by myself. So far I used friends pistols to test red dots… and everything was so dynamic. What didn’t worked weeks ago, didn’t bother me recently. I was no for DOT and yes for chevron. Green was great, red was OK. Recently, when I shot multiple optics within few days I found that actually all of them are OK, if dot is bigger than 2 MOA and smaller than 8 MOA.

I took two advices from few Community members:

  1. I watched many Sage Dynamics videos
  2. I reconsidered DOT size - big vs small usefulness for next few years.

and ended up with Leupold DeltaPoint Pro 2.5 MOA, RED.

Other thing is that my EDC is ready for DeltaPoint and I do not need to spend $160 for plates with co-witnessed rear sights. Big window will compensate lack of solar option. I prefer visual comfort over 2 or 3 batteries per year.
Was it good decisions? Will see… :upside_down_face:


It sounds like you already picked an option, but I’d throw Swampfox out there as a decent option as well. US company, made in China, red or green dot, reviewed by Sage Dynamics, and has an available larger window.


Thx @Harvey .
Swampfix Justice was in my thoughts for few minutes. I liked it after watching few reviews… but i would have a problem to use it with my 2011. It doesn’t have plate with co-witnessed rear sights for my model. :frowning_face:


First update on Leupold Delta Point Pro 2.5 MOA.

  1. Installation - easy peasy lemon squeezy. 10 minutes with zeroing.
  2. big window is awesome. When I draw from the holster it doesn’t bother, looks like there is no extra device. Dot is the only thing that pops up, right there, where it is expected.
  3. battery installation and / or replacement cannot be easier. One hand operation.
  4. I haven’t noticed “looking for dot” issue… but I think it’s because of NPOI learned already.

What I’ve found - there is no sight alignment needed anymore. The press out doesn’t need to match the eye level, once the dot is on the target, I know I can break the shot. It is definitely faster and more accurate than iron sights. Shooting from difficult, awkward and strange positions is so easy now.
Overall, I’m happy with it. Thanks to all Members who posted about their experiences. It helped me to choose the product that worked perfectly for me! :ok_hand: