Which is ideal for home defense? I have poor aim

I’m pondering whether a Grenade launcher or RPG?


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If you live in bunker… both will work…

For regular building - go with shotgun.


I’m thinking Claymore since we have crossed over to destructive devises.A 30 cal ammo can, 2 lbs of pistol powder a directional plate and a bunch of nuts and bolts along with a mouse trap and a shot gun shell. Oh wait yeah that was just something I read for informational purposes ONLY.




I’m thinking about setting these up at my backyard…


Lol a knife,that way you can be sure what your fighting lol

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Its all good till a cow steps on it, Cowbowie!!! or a chicken - cluckbewie ! or a cat - catpow! or a dog - dog gone!


These are auto seeking.


@Todd30…you are right… I love animals…
Let’s go back to rpg option then…
Aiming problem? No problem…


A Gatlin gun. They are on sale right now at Rural King


Can you imagine the cost to feed that thing!!? :scream:


I’ll start a GoFundMe. :grin:


I can’t speak highly enough about the wonders of claymore mines. Just make sure to aim them correctly.


Go to range as often as possible…

You would be amazed how practice makes perfect.

I highly recommend to find a instructor and it is possible your choice if gun does not fit your hand or the caliber is too large to handle.

If a person can lay out $60k for purchase, ammo price might not be too much of a problem.
Personally, I think I’d look at the Dillion Precision Aero gun before I’d get this Gatling gun.

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Darkstar, was that a serious question?

I’ll assume it is. The comment about a pistol fitting your hand was a good one - if you’re using a pistol as your first home defense option it really does help accuracy if it fits well.

One possible way to tell is to unload and make your pistol safe, then pick a location/area where you can safely point it. lower it to your side, or holster it. choose and focus on a target point - a target you tape up, or a mug on a mantel or whatever (follow the basic safety rules about pointing, etc.). Then close your eyes and draw or bring up your pistol and with your eyes still closed get it on target.

Open your eyes - how close to on target are you?

Do this drill with your strong hand by itself a couple of times, adjusting your position, then do it with your two handed stance of choice a couple of times. If you come up pointed way off the mark, you may be dealing with a poor fit to your hand. IF you are way off, head to a range or ask some friends to bring their pistols of choice, and run the drill until you find one or more that both feel and point right.

Again - this has to be done safely. If you can’t do it safely at home, do the drills at the range (no ammo loaded, no firing).

Second step is to take one or more of the pistols that feel really right in your hand and run 50 ish rounds through them in both strong hand only and two handed stances, really concentrating on your sight picture (target will be blurry in the background a bit if you’re doing this really right). See how this works for the pistol or pistols that started out feeling good and pointing well.

Note, grips can be changed in many cases to better fit your hand. Years ago I picked up a .357 magnum S&W Highway Patrolman with issue wooden grips. It was so uncomfortable to fire that I thought about just getting rid of it. Couldn’t bring myself to do it.

About two years after I got it I swapped out the standard wood grips for a Hogue combat grip - it changed EVERYTHING about shooting that gun - it became comfortable to shoot, accurate beyond anything else I had at the time and I could run 50 - 100 rounds of .357 mag. full up loads without any problem. I don’t think my wrists would feel that way today, but it’s still a favorite piece.

Re home defense choices there are so many books and so much advice around, whatever I might say will have to be taken as just a personal opinion. But whatever you might choose to set up with you just have to practice until you can be confident you’ll hit what you aim at. The slight pause to confirm sight picture might be all you need - and you can practice (at some locations) the quick shot too.

I have appreciated the thought that your pistol is what you use to cover yourself until you get to your (pick one) shotgun, modern sporting rifle (AR), or whatever it is that is your primary heavier weapon for defense. But watching security footage of home invasions; getting to your primary may never be an option - so you have to be comfortable using your pistol well.

Assuming opportunity, in a house or apartment, shotguns are very effective - but at inside engagement ranges you will have to know how to shoot with a shotgun just as much as with a pistol, because you can still miss. Especially at 15 feet or even 20 - 25, your shot pattern can be small enough that if you’re not ON - you may not hit at all. “Point not aim” has some real value in shooting clay pigeons or game as a rule, but in close you probably still have to aim. Practice with whatever you’re intending to use when things break loose. Choosing shot size and other factors should be carefully considered to defend effectively without over penetration. Lots of considerations for the pistol in this too. You’ll have to consider where you might be in your house, who is in what rooms, etc. The list goes on. Again, books and books on this, including some great ones from or suggested by USCCA and NRA.

Family retreat to safe room planning? Plan to move at all? A safe space to stay out of the fields of fire? Lots of thought.

But bottom line - you should find the best fit pistol and practice until you’re good. Best of luck, hope this was useful and encouraging.

(And truthfully, having a well trained fur missile really is a great home defense option - early warning, distracting element, and many times, real deterrence so you never find yourself having to aim at all).


I totally agree with the fur missile! I’ve got a “killer cat” for my home defense. She will attack anything that moves, if she wakes up. If you get between her and her food dish at meal time then your chances of survival are questionable!

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I’m envisioning a combination Ammo plant/gatlin gun. The one hand crank operates both machines. As the ammo gets made, it feeds right into the gun.


Have you zeroed your gun? Do you know how to align you sights? Are you jumping when you pull the trigger? Etc.