Which is ideal for home defense? I have poor aim

I see a lot of fantastical recommendations here. My I bring some sanity into the equation? My suggestion is a short barrel pump shotgun. The pump action makes that distinctive sound that we all know and love. Short barrel because you’re talking in your home. Keep it close to where you spend the most time, not in the back bedroom. You probably won’t have time to run to get it. You should have a gun safe anyway, so you can secure it when you’re not home.

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@Jean7, what fantastical about using claymore mines? :thinking:

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When you care enough to give the very best, nothing beats a claymore mine.


I agree with a short barrel pump action shotgun. Short barrel is preferred for moving through a house typically due to the ease of movement. Recommend doing some research on what rounds to use. Most will recommend beginning with scatter patterns graduating up to slugs. The more scatter, the safer it is to fire in your house, but also not very lethal under some circumstances.
Make sure to train with your shotgun. Learning curve is shorter, but training is still needed. This will get you by until you get more proficient with precision weapons.

Well, they are not readily available to private citizens. I was trying to be practical. LOL
Actually, wouldn’t mind a claymore or two but wouldn’t want them to tripped by the deer that might be this year’s Christmas dinner.

I vote claymore if you live alone and are able to set up inside the house towards doorways at night when sleeping. Make a great alarm to wake you up. I say this in fun only. However, I would love to have a few claymores at my disposal. Be good for reducing the cougar and coyote populations around here. BLM actually did come up with a similar concept, they mounted some kind of charge on top of a stake that was set off by proximity sensors. Had some kind of poison gas in the charge. They posted many warning sines around the “traps” but people started losing their dogs which brought that tactic to an end.

Claymore mines it is then.

The epitome of spray and pray, no scary pistol grips, no extended butt stocks, No oversized magazines, best of all, they’re legal after gun confiscation, these are not considered guns, let alone assault weapons.

Or you can follow a more traditional route! No magazines, no pistol grips, nothing scary about this! It’s not even black!


how about a pet rattlesnake ?

12 gauge, shorter barrel, but normal stock so you can still shoulder it. Mine is semi auto, so you lose that great warning sound of racking the shell, but it’s one less step in a high stress situation. I like #4 bird shot, but not opposed to buckshot or slugs. Research your ammo. If you have other family members in the house, or live in an apartment, the bird shot is the least likely to over penetrate.

I would defiantly go with a shotgun, i have a pump action twelve with double ot buck shot. nothing like letting an intruder hear that rack that gives one so much satisfaction.

Those saying “just the sound of a 12 gauge being racked” is a load of bull. A gun that needs “racking” wasn’t gun ready to fight. You did, however, just give away the tactical advantage of your position. So let’s dispense that nonsense here and now.
That said, a short barrel shogun, is a close quarters fighting machine. Multiple rounds on target with every shot, assuming shot shells. Devastating results with slugs. Even in 20 gauge, or yes .410. But, most shotguns are capacity limited. 5-9 rounds and reload. But, you can tactical reload one at a time fairly fast, until you could do a full reload. If, you have expended 5-9 rounds, and there’s still a threat, this day has gone full 2020 on you.


That stuff only works in the movies, CONDITION ONE, LOCKED AND LOADED!
If movies were anywhere close to being tactically sound, they’d be over in 10 minutes.

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How about a Davy Crockett? Sure you only have 1 shot, but you don’t need more than 1 and you don’t need to be accurate either. Imagine the tax stamp on one of those.

No need to rack a slide with these full auto home defense…Handicap friendly models also available…


Revisit the basics of marksmanship and practice until you can hit what you’re aiming at.
It could be something as simple as flinching, or switching to better fitting stocks.

Using the new Bullpup at Shooters World. About a one foot spread with 00 buckshot at 10 yards. This would be devastating against a home invader ! I did a little advertising for USCCA at the same time !


I always like the solution Cole Thornton (John Wayne) selected for Mississippi (James Caan) in El Dorado - a shotgun. Of course, in the movie it was a sawed off shotgun, bought for a few coins from “the Swede”, but today that feature will add $200 to the price, so stick with a standard length barrel and you’ll be good.

Yeah letting them know exactly where you are. Works if you stay in one place. Start moving & all they have to do is wait. & move your barrel