Which eye is your dominant eye?

Here’s a fast and easy way to be sure. Pick out an object about 10 feet or more away. With BOTH EYES OPEN bring up your dominant hand and point your index finger toward the object and keep it there.Then just alternate opening and closing each eye separately while looking at the object.Your dominant eye will see your finger pointing directly at the object, and the non dominant eye will see your finger pointing to the side of the object. Easy, peasy.


I was taught something similar by forming a small triangle with your hands focused on a object and alternating eyes. I’m right handed but left eyes dominant

Left eye dominant. But shoot with both eyes open. Shoot well with either hand.

Right handed (mostly) and right eye dominant

Right eye dominant.

Yep, it’s a good exercise and it’s the one I use with students.

ZOOMBATT - Right handed but left eye is dominant. Mmmm. Interesting. I just tried it, dry firing from behind the cover of a filing cabinet, firing first from the right side of the cabinet, then from the left side, while facing a full length mirror all the time. When I fired from the right side I noticed that I had to expose more of my body (especially the head) in order to get proper sighting with my left eye. When I shot from the left side, I found it awkward for me to bring my right hand around the side to a shooting position, again, without having to expose an even larger portion part of my body. Since it was the first time I had tried it, I may have been doing something wrong. But it sure made me aware that I need to be able to shoot WELL with both hands, like Bulldog said. Please be careful.

Richard do the finger pointing drill and double check to be sure. With both eyes open point at a spot or line at least ten feet away. Close each eye alternately.

When you close your non dominant eye your finger will shot to be off target.

You can close or cover your dominant eye if you’re cross dominant to train the other eye, takes a lot of time but it can be done.

You might also switch hands which a lot of people find easier.

For normal self defense distances you really don’t need to use the sights at all if you’ll practice unsifted fire.

The exception to that of course is if you need to make a precision shot in which case using the sights is certainly necessary.

Left handed, right eye dominant. I’ve trained myself to primarily shoot right handed, it was definitely easier. I do train left handed shooting though.

Wild Rose,. Sounds like you’re spot-on. What you said (backed up by OldSchlPunk, Bulldog and others) about training the non dominant eye to be the dominant one when needed, and being able to shoot equally well with both hands, definitely gives you an edge and makes you a better, more flexible shooter. I remember what a good friend of mine who was a U.S. Marine D.I. always used to say, "Never use the excuse that you can’t do something because you’re only right or left handed. Learn to use BOTH hands in WHATEVER you do. It just might save your life one day ".
By the way, I’m new to the USCCA Community Family, and I am so impressed with everyone’s attitude… always watching out for the other person and willing, unselfishly to help and advise. It does give a sense of comradery and bonding, the likes of which I have rarely seen, except in the military and other well-disciplined organizations. It’s great to be here.