Where is a good place in Cincinnati area to try out and buy holsters

Looking to buy a concealed carry holster in Cincinnati area. Who has the largest in stock selection so I can try out a bunch before I buy one?


Is there such a place? I’m thinking you’d have to insert your carry weapon if you were going to try before you buy, and stores might not go for that. I’m not against the idea, as I look around at 5 or 6 unused holsters I bought thinking they’d be good, but turned out not so good.


I’ve never thought to ask if I could try on a holster in a shop before. Never seen anyone else do it either. Most holsters come in packaging and I suspect store owners would prefer to not have the boxes all opened up. I certainly would be leery of purchasing a holster in an already opened box not knowing if it was a return or if some parts had been taken out.

I especially suspect most stores would not want people pulling out their firearms and placing them in various holsters to see how everything fits. I do suspect though that their may be few small shop owners out there who might let you try with one of their display pistols if you were a trusted customer. But they aren’t likely to have a big selection.


I tried out a bunch, like 5 of them, but I bought them all on line before I could wear them. My LGS has a bargain table that has loose holsters on it from time to time. I suspect they land there because they aren’t really too good.


I was at a store looking for a magazine holder for my Hellcat Pro.
The shopkeeper took the magazine out of his display pistol and proceeded to open three different ones until we found one that worked nice.
Not sure if they would do that for a pistol though…


@Tom166 , I don’t now if your area has Gun Shows, but that is a perfect location to “try before you buy” holsters.

Many vendors will have holsters right on their tables that you can try. Most gun shows let you bring your unloaded firearm in a carry case. So you should be able to get help from the vendors. I had one vendor that took the time to properly fit the kydex holster on one of my carry pistols.


BTW, I found this list of Gun Shows near your area.


Hope it helps you to find a good holster, with the proper fit and comfort.

Good luck.

Are you on the KY or OH side of the river? If it’s not too long of a drive, go to Bud’s in Lexington.