When You Wish Upon A Star

Woke Disney World will replace the Splash Mountain ride with a DEI adventure featuring:


Don’t be a racist! Embrace Chicago!


What did they do? Move her hips down to her knee caps?


Nooo… Just silly fashion. :roll_eyes:

The jodhpur trouser became popular for military uniforms in Europe relating to riding a horse (and later a motorcycle). It was used a lot during World War I: a time when a military uniform gained much respect and an air of authority.



They also allowed the wearer to maintain an air of dignity by supplying room for inflation in the event that the wearer was hit by an attack of the fahts.

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My Wife would call them “Buffet Pants”. :smirk:

How is this a woke move? Tiana is the main character in The Princess and The Frog. This movie came out in 2009 and is based off an old German fairy tale first published in 1815 and redone in 2002. (another famous Brothers Grimm tale.)
Do you say “woke” because the characters in the film are black? Is it because Disney “sold out” to make a black film? Are you using the term “woke” in it’s original form (which is a black term) to mean aware of a racial prejudice or discrimination; or are you using it in the current way as the negative political buzzword to indicate something is too liberal for your tastes?
These are genuine clarifying questions as I do not understand this movie as being anything related to either version of “woke” the dictionary or urban dictionary offer, however I do see a lot of racism in calling it such.
Now as for the ride, it is not uncommon for the Disney parks to change up rides to reflect the movies that are most popular. If they always had the same things people would stop going. It is a business move to change the rides, keeping the parks relevant and giving people a reason to return to the parks.

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It never really meant that, it was sold to the unaware as that, just like all the rest of the Leftist terminology, such as “gay” co-opted to mean homosexual. Those that are awake have seen this occur over many decades.

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:confused: Where do they come from??? :thinking:

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The Betaverse, I would have said metaverse, but that came after them… :sunglasses:

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I fail to see the connection between your image and my comment.

It’s all in your mind. Duh.

So if it is all leftist terminology, why are the only uses I see from extreme right?
Is it too far a thought to see that meaning can change over time and use?
Is it wrong to ask for clarification on why something is being labeled with such ambiguity without any further parameter other than what is left to be implied?

Yes. Any more insipid questions? Tienes un arma?

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How is being “woke” ambiguous? It is quite apparent what means. The Left use that term, that is where the “Right” got it, just like “assault weapons”. Though that latter term is not well-defined by the antis, as it seems to mean whatever they want it to mean.

No. It is right there on the packaging, not hidden from anyone. Again- not relating to the image of a woman with short hair, but ok- let’s go there…
My question in reply is why is it wrong to have both packages? Is this specifically a race issue for you??? It appears so.
Why does it matter what the image on the package is? The item inside has not changed. What does this hurt for you?
Would you be equally as outraged if they changed the dog to a cat? Or again, is this about the race of the fictional character on the package?

The point you fail to realize is that this is not the first old ride to be replaced.
So when I ask for clarification, I’m the “leftist” and “wanting to be like a man” and attacked? This is the problem and why it is ambiguous.
Double meaning that is not clear until the discussion starts- so my view is clearly different than yours and clearly the person posting about the disney ride. But does that mean my view is wrong? No.
So why fight about it? Admit that it is about race and move on. You don’t like the fact that they put out a movie about a black family, it made a lot of money and gained a following, so the company decided to add it to their theme park as a featured ride/attraction.
This isn’t about Disney for you… it is about featuring a black fictional cartoon character.

Outraged? You mean like ANTIFA and BLM terrorizing people and burning down small businesses? This is a discussion about ideology. Do you want to bring violence into it? It’s people and comments like that which creates an atmosphere where the only alternative is to carry. Get your head out of the gutter and think for a change.

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If my question lacks so much interest… why does it matter if I own weapons? Any why post that in Spanish? Again with the ambiguity! Laughable.
But let me do you a favor… you win.
Feel better big man? The weak little woman will no longer question your racist motives. :roll_eyes:

Wow. I am not terrorizing anyone. LOL Laughable.
You get this upset over a packaging of a product no one should be eating anyway…
I ask for clarification on apparent racist comments and I am the reason for all the problems in the world?
Someone thinks highly of me.