And.IF. You chamber. A. Round…Do. you .Drop.Your.magazine. And then .Replace it.with.Another.Round. And .if.So.Why.:question:


I always carry with a round chambered. Most gun fights happen in 3 seconds. You need a round in the chamber, ready to go. I can assure you the bad guy has a round chambered!



And yes!

It’s 12+1 not 11+1!


I chamber a round by locking the slide back, inserting a magazine, and then dropping the slide.

I then drop the mag, do a press check, and insert a magazine.

Sometimes it’s the same magazine reinserted, but usually it’s a separate magazine that is fully loaded so I’m full +1

If I will be carrying the second mag (unusual, but sometimes, basically guaranteed to never need it but ya never know) then the magazine I chambered with becomes the spare and the full fully full mag becomes the primary.

I then simply keep the gun in the holster from there on out

The second magazine (when carried) being -1 is helpful to reduce chances of a partially seated mag on a closed action reload aka “tac” reload, and also if I have to unload the gun to stow it securely for some reason the -1 spare mag is a perfect place to put the round that comes out of the chamber


Round in the pipe when I leave the house (always)
Full spare mag (if not 2)
M&P has NO safety (ready to R&R)


Load chamber take out mag and top off + a spare mag in my back pocket by my wallet. 2x15+1.


If one keeps reloading the same round over and over again it has a chance of pushing the bullet farther and farther into the casing every time it hits the feed ramp. This make the pressure of the round go higher and it can exceed the pressure the gun was made for. It one drops the round in the chamber and slips the extractor around the casing and then put the mag in it will alleviate the problem or use another round.


same here; always have a round chambered and Yes, I do top off my magazine to replace that round . I want mag round count higher not lower when I carry.


Ditto, if it’s in a holster it has a round chambered. I press check before I go out but besides that, that round does not get re-chambered.


I personally don’t use this method for a couple of reasons. Manufacturers often recommend against loading a round straight into the chamber because if you release the slide too forcefully on a chambered round you might eventually damage the extractor. It sounds like you are carefully allowing the slide to go forward which should prevent eventual damage but then you risk the extractor not fully engaging with the rim which could lead to a failure. Though you are also likely doing a press check to make sure this didn’t happen. Just want to make sure that newer users are aware of the potential issues with loading directly into the chamber.

I load from the magazine and then top off the mag. I usually try and rotate the rounds I am reloading so I am not reloading the same one too many times and I check to make sure the bullet didn’t get set back by comparing it with a round that has never been chambered. I’ve yet to see any setback issues from my self defense ammo in my pistols.


Another part of the process to consider:
If you can reach the magazine release while holstered…

  1. insert a full magazine into the gun.
  2. Rack the slide to chamber the first round.
  3. HOLSTER the gun.
  4. Release the magazine and remove it from the holstered gun.
  5. Top off the magazine with a fresh round.
  6. Replace the magazine into the gun as it stays holstered.
  7. Pull-check the magazine to be sure it is inserted fully and locked in place.

This process reduces the administrative handling of a loaded gun as you prepare it for carry.


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Not every firearm “appreciates” that topped off magazine, which can often lead to an ejection or feeding problem. Trust but verify!


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yes I do.


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I chamber a round, drop the magazine, top it off, and reinsert. I want that extra capacity, and I never ever carry without a full chamber.

My particular carry pistol is a little stiff to load a full magazine on a closed slide, but I have five magazines for it, and I’ve found a couple that seem pretty forgiving and load easily, so those are my EDC mags. The others are backup and range mags.

I can’t imagine carrying without one in the chamber.


Always, chamber a round, drop the magazine, top it off.

Why? Why wouldn’t you?

Also, don’t drop one into the chamber then close the slide. Insert a loaded magazine, and then release /rack the slide to chamber a round.

Ps edit
I cannot get to my magazine released with my weapon holstered and always top off the magazine. Your weapon was designed to function from a fully loaded magazine.


Good point. I think your way is safer. Not all guns have the extractor exposed. Thanks


Aside from cleaning your CC weapon, why would you unload the weapon? You are correct about possibility of pushing the bullet further into the case and potentially causing higher chamber pressures, but Shamrock is also correct about dropping a round into the chamber and then dropping the slide. I will chamber a different round whenever I unload my weapon, but the only time I unload the carry ammo is for cleaning, dry fire drills (Use snap caps) and when I am heading to the range. Besides those few occasions, I don’t think rechambering the same round will cause any issues unless you are rechambering it on a daily basis.