Magazine Rotation

How many of you make it a point to rotate your magazines? I’ve always insisted on 3 mags for every pistol I’ve owned - 1 “active” - in the gun, and 2 reloads - and I load and rotate them every month to equalize spring tension, using snap-caps to maintain order in the rotation. Overkill, maybe, but also a moneysaver.


I think it’s unnecessary, loading and unloading the mags is what really wears out a mag, BUT I do get it.

I don’t really do it. I like to have all my mags loaded and ready :grin:, though I guess I’m giving one of my carry mags a break, but I have 8 mags to multiple guns that have not been unloaded in at least 6 months. I’d bet big money they’d all have zero problems.


I agree with @Scoutbob. I think you put more wear and tear on them by unloading them and loading them. I keep all my mags loaded.


Actually springs wear and tear become faster by constantly loading and uploading.

Loaded and/or uploaded magazine tends to last a lot longer.

However, I do clean my Loaded magazines once a month just to make sure they are functional.


Not quite sure how that is a money saver?? Perhaps I don’t understand.

As has been said already, sitting does not wear a spring out, loading and unloading them does.

Before the ammo shortage, I would ‘unload’ the current magazine by shooting it, then reload it and put back in the gun. I do keep 5 spares, and several sets of springs to replace them.

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I’m partial to six mags per handgun 3 get loaded with SD ammo and 3 sit empty for range use (yes the loaded ones have been function tested). There are some platforms that I have a butt ton of mags for, 1911 and M-9 come to mind. I keep most of them loaded and a few in the ready reserve. On my EDC (Colt Officers Model) I have 4 Colt mags of both blue and stainless. and a 6 pack of Chip McCormick’s and a smattering of others that I picked up just because. When on the range I shoot from concealment and reload from a single IWB mag holder. I run them dry and fill them back up. Somewhere I have a 12 pack of replacement springs. My EDC has well north of 200,000 rounds through it, mostly from the Colt mags. Since I did the ramp and throat on the frame and barrel I have had ZERO FTF or FTE events and only a hand full of no bang rounds (bad primers on factory ammo). Of course I can chamber a mag full of empty cases by racking the slide, the brass doesn’t like it but it goes into the pipe every time.




I’ve got 4 magazines and rotate them all the time. It goes naturally… Duty loads in, then practice, classes with target loads, then duty loads again. Then I’m shooting duty loads after few months (at the Range or class) and load new duty ones…

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