When to use lethal force

In Florida, we have a No Duty to Retreat (LAW). As a civilian, here is something to always remember, we must be in “Intimate Fear of DEATH or Grave Bodily Injury”, before we can use Lethal Force. The Police responded to a Walmart call of a Shop Lifter and a Police Officer of Jacksonville Florida was severely injured and she is a HERO along with HER Partners.


If some SKELL gets the better of me and I am Police Officer, a Mall Crossing guard, or Level3 Armed officer I will Protect myself and all civilians around with the proper /appropriate use of force necessary.
And to spell it out: Skell doesn’t have a gun—I don’t shoot, Skell has a knife ---- he gets a wack or six from my collapsible baton, etc etc. He try’s to knock me out! I have karate and Krav maga experience.
I can guarantee that the proper use of force will be demonstrated when my Titanium foot seeks out his Testicles! ( If you shoot an unarmed perp you will be hung out to dry by the ‘Feelings police/gubment’
This is why I don’t want to do Security Work anymore.
Not only isit getting physically impossible the decks are being stacked against anybody trying to stem the tide of “legalize theft” (up to $950.00 is a license to steal in Californication)


Police Officers did very well, and everyone lived. This was over less than $200.00 and a nearly destroying an Officers life and she HAS two children and Husband.

The Officers were well trained, and everybody lived. The person that caused the injuries to this Officer
will face Multiple Felony Charges instead of shop Lifting. As you know Felony Assault against a Police Officer is probably endless and many years in prison.