When the Republicans win control of Congress, Kamala Harris should be impeached before Joe Biden

Here is my reasoning.

With a vacancy in the office of VP, Biden will nominate a replacement. And, the senate delays the confirmation process while Biden is on trail and removed from office. This means the Speaker of the House becomes president and can nominate another individual for VP. The Speaker could be Donald Trump.

Note: Harris and Biden are anti-2A.

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I will see it when I believe it. :thinking:

I will take “Things that will never happen” for 100, Alex.


That and it takes 2/3 (or 67 senators) majority for conviction. That’ll never happen.

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As much as I would like to see Joe impeached, I say leave him be. If the Republicans, or even better, a group of true Constitutional supporting members should take control of the house and Senate, they should start passing laws that are in line with the Constitution, and protection of our rights. Then, Joe ca either
A. Sign them
B. Veto
If they are good for the country, and he signs them, it’s a win. He will lose support from the ultra liberal wing, but that’s ok.
If he veto’s, giving into the ultra liberals, he ostracizes himself, and solidifies the unity of “We the People” for the next election.

If, there is an honest investigation in Hunter, and Joe is found to be complicit(innocent until proven guilty) then absolutely impeach, remove, and imprison.


Never say never.