When did you learn to shoot?

I don’t remember how old I was when Dad took my brother and I down the basement and set us up with a BB gun and a target box. Certainly I was less than 8 years old. Dad was a combat veteran of both the Marines and Regular Army (separate enlistments, different wars) with rifle marksmanship awards from both. He taught us the basics of safety, handling, and target shooting.

I’ve forgotten a lot of stuff in my life, but not one word of his training has escaped me to this day.

PS: I also became somewhat proficient at close order drill long before I joined the Boy Scouts.


got a BB gun and just sat there shooting it for awhile and watched the BB’s fly…

slowly picked up and understanding of trajectory n such…

and started hitting targets repeatedly…

even got so I could hit stuff first try at considerable distance…


I was assigned to base security at NAS Whiting Field for my shore duty after 3 years onboard the USS Franklin Roosevelt CV42. We had free run of the pistol range. Our handguns were still the Colt 1911 45.
I got my expert ribbon & after a year or so was invited to compete on our base pistol team. Turned out I was a pretty good shot & eventually was a member of the Southeast Regional Navy pistol team. I became interested in handguns in general & was buying quality revolvers & semiautos. After retirement in 1994 I trained & competed in many different competitions. I don’t compete any longer but I still shoot a few times a month with my shooting buddies & we have a blast. I still have a passion for the sport & try to stay educated on all aspects of self defense & all of the amazing handguns that are out there today


I learned in early 90s joined the navy got lots of training at the time.

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I had never touched a weapon until I went in the Marine Corps. Became an expert with both the M14 and M16. I had some training with a 45 pistol, however, never had to qualify with it. Also did some training with the M50 and 60 machine guns as well as Laws Rockets, etc. I never had a gun in the house until about two years ago out of respect for my wife ; she did not want any in the house.

I asked my girlfriend if she wants a gun and now she has four.


Had to learn to shoot out of necessity. I join the facility called C&S shooting sports in mt pleasant South Carolina. The finest staff and trainers I know always willing to help. I got my ccp at the same shop almost 2 years ago


It’s amazing how they multiply, almost like Tribbles. :us:


Started out with an old pump-up air rifle at my grand parents farm at around 7 or 8. Learned for real at 14-15 as a member of the Swedish “home defense” army unit on old Swedish Mauser M96. An absolutely lovely, albeit heavy as sin for the smallish boy that I was, rifle with a super smooth bolt action and accurate as could be.

I learned in the boy scouts - I guess I was 13 maybe? My dad bought me a single shot 22 bolt action from Sears! Can you even imagine that now? A 13 year old boy scout shooting with a Sears brand rifle. That would make the nightly news now. Holy &&^@! a kid with a gun - Sears would be banned! Well, I spent 20 years in public safety and never shot anybody. I still have the rifle. I have a Mustang that will go 130 mph - I don’t do that either.


According to my Mantis X I am still learning!


Back when Moses was given the ten commandments! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::rofl::rofl:

Seriously my grandfather taught me.

His way of training always had me on edge but it served him well in Vietnam, and the remaining twenty-one (21) years he served in the USAF.

I learned how to shoot from my old friends while I was growing up in the UP, but the Army gave me a solid foundation on how to gun fight.

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I continue to learn to shoot every time I go to the range.


I’m an old squid & ditto

Ive always admired guns and respected them since I was a little kid. I grew up in a conservative christian home. Now that I am older I realize that my mom who is more vocal about politics then my father, she is more liberal about guns. Her view is that the only people that need guns are military and LEOs. Civilians don’t need them. But anyways I learned to shoot when went into the military in 2013. I haven’t stoped shooting or owning firearms since.