What's your favorite Concealed Carry Gun Brand? (Poll)

That was a big part of my guess too.

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@Zee I think I can see it now that you’ve told us where it is! Ha! That doesn’t count at all! Good job of concealing! In fact, great job! You’re a gutsy woman!

@George16 I love your attitude. Thanks for that and for being brave enough to put it in writing on a forum!


After some thought and watching some videos, especially the one I picked up from here, I got an XDS.
My first Springfield handgun. I tend toward full size, but I have a selection of smaller ones. This 3.3 barrel is much more accurate than I could have imagined. I put it in a cheapo sock holster IWB, and it disappears. I asked my daughter and grandson to tell where I was concealing, and they could only ID my phone as a print.
It’s nice too with that Springfield giveaway with new purchase.
I asked about a Warthog, and the Academy guy says,“you mean the animal?”

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:laughing: well @Steve-G said “it’s a beast!” … and I think he’s right… I don’t usually name my guns but this one is “The She-Beast” :joy:

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She-Rah? I guess there can only be one He Man in your house lol.
As long as she’s not Xena!!! Yuck.

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here you go @Bugleboy:

The She-Beast (1966)
“A young woman is driving alongside a lake. She has an accident and the car plunges into the water. Her body is then possessed by the spirit of an 18th-century witch who was killed by local villagers, and is bent on avenging herself on them.”

Doesn’t sound very Biblical.
Name her Scarlet!!!
She barked a lot of orders. She could be misguided, like the sights on your “Scarlet,” but she wasn’t evil. She had a rough glamour; unlike my elegant lady Audrey, excuse me very much.


ha! @Bugleboy… I like that. :smiley: we’ll take “Scarlet” for a test drive :smiley:

Look back at my edit.

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Got it in edgewise, diddle I

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If you want biblical, call her Faith

Revelation 19:11 And behold I saw Heaven opened, and behold a white horse. And he who sat upon him is called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he does judge and make war.

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You could have quoted the pale horse. Not good.
The doesn’t sound very Biblical was pointed toward the aforementioned movie. My understatement was showing. Oops.
I should have been much more clearerer. That would have been much more betterer.
To get Biblical though, wouldn’t Wisdom apply better since that should be our purpose here? The Bible speaks of Faith, Hope, and Charity. All great for applying to names.
But we’re taught above all else to get Wisdom. Wisdom is the principal thing.
Maybe that’s a good name. It wouldn’t be a problem if many applied that name. It might just make us pause and think when we look at her. That would be Wisdom.
Remember what I try to teach all who embrace a search for knowledge. Knowledge is training; it’s facts…or at least theories or conjectures. With wisdom we can attain correct knowledge. Knowledge can never bring wisdom.
Not all knowledge is correct or good. We need wisdom to determine what knowledge is correct or applies correctly to a situation or equation. The ingredients (knowledge)can not tell us if they are needed or in the correct amount. With wisdom we can discern where to find the information (knowledge) needed for the job.
You have ammo. You have weapons. You have hands and eyes. Wisdom is now the principal thing.
Sorry for the rant. I’ve lived a while and have seen a lot of bad decisions made by excellent people. We have some wisdom and knowledge being offered on our site. Let glean all we can from here and elsewhere.
I’ll shut up now. “Be careful out there you guys.”

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I have a Taurus Millennium G2 PT111 in my collection as well. Got it as a cheap CCW option a long time back when the talk about defensive shooting focused on using a “throw away gun”, since the Police will take it and you won’t see it again for years. I even carried it for quite awhile, though I now carry a S&W Shield these days due to the skinnier profile (less bulk and far more comfortable to carry).

Anyway, I hadn’t done a lot of shooting with it. Sure, I ran several mags through it after the purchase, but nothing really formal. A local Frontsight instructor was putting on a weekend CCW class and I like to go to a basic defensive handgun class at least annually just to make someone else force me to work on my shooting skills. I figured I would take the Taurus so I could put a few hundred rounds through it since it had so little trigger time.

So, there we are, lined up on the fresh morning targets at 5 yards doing the usual preparations before going live fire for the first time. I have a couple guys on each side of me with full size autos in 45ACP and 10mm. I pull out my little 9mm Taurus. There are a few chuckles. One guy says, “we’ll see if that little thing can last the whole day.”

Pair to the chest, make ready. A few rustles and then silence. Beep.

Taurus comes out easily and makes the first bang on the whole line. Two perfect holes an inch apart, dead center A zone. My second shot is finished before any of the “big boys” with 45s and 10s get their first shot off. I noted a couple “quizzical” sideways glances in my peripheral vision as we are holstering.

Again, make ready. Beep. Same thing. Now I have 4 holes practically touching in the center of the A zone and both times I’m finishing my 2nd shot before any of these guys get their first. I glance left and right to see big holes spread all over their cardboard.

A couple more glances and then silence.

At the first break, two of these big guys with hand cannons started asking me for advice about various shooting things. Not one more disparaging word was said about the little Taurus the rest of the day. And it ran perfectly, all day long.

The point… Don’t judge a man by the brand or caliber he’s carrying that day. He might just take a little $200 pea-shooter and put your fancy $1200 hand-cannon to shame.


It’s what works well in your hand and eye, isn’t it? I like the big ones, but you’re right. Unless we put in a lot of repetitive range drill time, most won’t have the edge with the big guys. But they work better for some. I shoot well (relative to my ability) with full size, but the big all iron ones can be tiring to carry all day.

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I caught the understated meaning. I’ve always found it ironic that the 19:11 is the icon that it is, and that coincides with Rev 19:11 about making “Righteous war.


Have you gone to the range with it yet? Whatcha think?