What's the worst advice you've ever gotten?


I like to keep things positive and upbeat here, but I think we can learn from mistakes and bad advice as well.

What’s the worst advice you’ve ever gotten about guns/carrying?


To not carry it.

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I was told very recently by someone who doesn’t know me very well that I shouldn’t carry because I don’t know enough about firearms to carry.

I did everything I could to not roll my eyes at him and walked away without another word. I wasn’t even going to go into my extensive training. :woman_facepalming:

Moral of the story - don’t judge a book by its cover, even in carrying.

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Just the other day on USCCA FB page some guy said that “Once you have enough training, most gun handling rules go out the window”. Found it interesting that I’ve not reached that level of training yet.

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Interesting, @AdamJ. That’s not something I’d ever say - or advise anyone! The only time I’ve had enough training is when I’m in my grave. There’s never enough training.


Yeah. The guy who said that was actually an instructor in a class I was taking for home defense use of force. It was classroom only, no firearms.

Some people in the class were asking what gun he carried, and he went on to say that he only carries when he works for the company we were taking the class through because he has to. Other than that, he doesn’t carry and said he didn’t see the need for anyone else to!!

At the end of the class, I asked his thoughts on insurance, both USCCA and the NRAs. People in the class had no idea such a thing was out there, and I was trying to nudge him in the direction to at least mention it, particularly in a home defense use of force class. He wanted nothing to do with it, so I very quickly mentioned it before he cut me off and ended the class.


“I don’t train for jams, buy expensive guns, they don’t jam.” All I said to that one is “I don’t want EMS to find my body with a jammed up gun next to it.” That guy doesn’t talk to me at the range anymore. I’ve also been told “once you’ve mastered the basics you don’t need to practice them anymore.” There’s been a lot of bad advice on calibers, bullet weight, carry position, the list goes on and on. @Kelly should have some good ones.


:thinking: I got a few. Let me consult my comic book of ‘stories in a nutshell from nut jobs I deal with.’ (Yes, this is a true thing. I keep a notebook in my desk and draw comics of people I deal with. It’s pretty thick)
“You don’t need a gun. You’re married aren’t you? That’s your defense!”
“9mm? Are you trying to protect yourself or look cute? You HAVE to have a 45.”
“You work with guns? Well that’s not ladylike. Or are you a secretary?”
“You should carry in a purse. You’re a women aren’t you?”
“You don’t need to go to the range more than to break in your gun. Or don’t you know how to shoot?”
I’ll stop there. I could go on for a loOoOong time. :woman_facepalming:
@dawn, I feel like you and I should go for drinks and compare stories! :rofl:


@Kerryman71, see that comment did ya? I wanted to rip that guy apart. It took restraint.

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I didn’t see the one you were talking about on FB, I was talking about a different guy, but they’re pretty much all the same.

One of the public ranges I go to is hit or miss with the attitudes of some of the guys working there. They’re working the counter all tacticaled out, giving some of the customers massive attitudes. I want to see them shoot just once!


This is the reason I refuse to go to most of the gun stores in Cheyenne, WY where I live. They all have attitudes like they don’t need your business. Like they’re all high and mighty and know everything. I REFUSE to do business with places like that.

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Definitely. I just had an orientation at a private club last night. Just have to go to a regular meeting to get voted in. All members get a key fob to access the propert, indoor range 24/7 and the outdoor ranges during normal hours. No employees or counter guys to deal with, come and go as I please.

There’s a gun shop about 45 minutes from me. If I need to buy anything I’ll go there. They’re down to earth and pretty decent. All my ammo I order online.


Wow… I cannot even imagine teaching a class about something I don’t believe in, especially when it’s one as serious as carrying a firearm!

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Boggles my mind… People are so clueless at times.

Anytime! I’m up for some humor. :slight_smile:


@Dawn @Kelly I think one if the biggest obstacles of getting women involved in shooting is us, men! Not talking about the guys on here, but more the ones out there, that I actually just described with @AdamJ; they’re all tacticaled out with that “Don’t approach me!” look on their face and talk down to other people, not just women, who are looking to get into shooting or carrying. But add a female to the mix and look out, they’re 16 years old again, chest out strutting around! It’s actually pretty pathetic.

I’ve been around them all my life; in the Army, at work, going to the range. Best part is when it comes time to shine, their flame dims pretty quick. But hey, the dress like they look like they know what they’re doing.

I especially like after taking a concealed carry class with live firing, where I dress in my usual attire, jeans, Penn State hoodie, Doc Martens when one of these instructors asks me where I learned to handle a gun. I tell him and he’s like “Oh wow, I didn’t realize your experience” I usually reply “I didn’t feel the need to let everyone know”

I’m not there to intimidate people, I’m there to learn just like everyone else. I realize not all people are like what I described, but I see enough of them.

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LOL! Yep, I’ve actually seen it happen at the range. Younger shooters (early 20’s) bring in their girlfriends and try to show off only to get slide bite or make the girlfriend so uncomfortable that she doesn’t want to shoot ever again.

And those are the guys that really hate it when the women outshoot them. :laughing:


A lot of the dudes I meet that are like that were definitely not in a high speed low drag shoot your way out of a neighborhood situation. All the dudes I’ve met at a range that were in those situations are generally very patient, friendly, and supportive. They want you to be a predator like they are, they want you to be self reliant for your own safety.

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I’m generally a smartarse without people really knowing I’m being sarcastic. Took a pistol class where the instructor had AR15 mags on his belt, at least four, maybe more, without an AR15 to be seen. We’re sitting there before the class with a few people brand new to shooting that are picking up on the amount of stuff on his belt. Finally I asked him “I apologize, but I just want to make sure I’m at the right class. This is a pistol class, correct?” When he said it was I was like “Ok. The AR mags on your belt threw me off. Just wanted to make sure.”

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“Revolvers never jam.”
“9mm is just as good as .45.”
“.357 mag is pointless in a snub.”
“All 1911’s are jam-o-matics.”


I just kinda want to see that notebook…

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