What's the Difference, Episode 2! This time, it's not Flashlights!


So, humor aside, I’ve been considering entering the market for a ballistic helmet. Doing preliminary research by browsing Optics Planet and YouTube, I’ve found Team Wendy and AR500.

Here’s Team Wendy’s >$1,000 Level IIIA helmet.

And here’s AR500’s $600 Level IIIA helmet.

So… again, what’s the difference? These two products seem to be comparable, so why the large price difference? I have heard that AR500 armor is of high quality, and Team Wendy seems to be the Big Name in helmets. Does anybody know enough about body armor to be able to point me in the right direction?

I would like to further confuse the issue with another option :wink: The AR500 Militia steel helmet.

I saw that and started drooling, but thought I should ask about more comparable options. They say they’re adding a Level 4 package to the Militia, so I’m watching it.

The two you originally listed were Level IIIa (both some sort of composite/kevlar). The Militia is also Level IIIa, but made of steel which is why the cost is so much lower (steel is cheaper, but usually heavier). You might have to dig around on their website, but I think they said you can get the Level4 as an add-on, not a replacement… if that affects your decision at all because you can buy IIIa now and upgrade to 4 later.

Want a helmet? Your friendly neighborhood Army recruiter can fix you up!
They’ll even pay you to wear it :grin:

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Ha! Tis the truth!

Also the truth: I am not nearly tough enough for the military, and older and more out of shape than their recruiters are looking for.

Still, this is one of the funniest things I have read all day!

Or your Marine recruiter. They’ll even teach you how to shoot a scary black rifle and other cool stuff😊

Ooh. Scary rifles are the best rifles! :smile:

There is a rumor going around that even the Air Force has a helmet somewhere.
I’m sure they’d let you wear it when they find it :rofl: