What Would You Do: Rideshare Gone Bad

Your car is in the shop and you need get to the airport for a work trip at 4:00 am. You live in an urban area that is considered safe and use one of the popular rideshare apps to take you to the airport.

You’re in the back of a rideshare car, you suddenly notice that the driver is acting strangely. He’s not responding to your questions, is driving frantically and seems to be headed away from the airport.

  1. Don’t panic and don’t draw on a “communication error”
  2. DIAL 9-1-1

Don’t draw my gun, immediately for reasons A & B:
A. He could really have forgotten where he was going.
B. Maybe he does not hear me or thinking about trauma of his/her own.


C: Usually not a good idea to shoot the driver of a moving vehicle if you’re in the back seat…



You would not believe the people on Facebook that suggested shooting!


—Or maybe they did not suggest shooting but even drawing is not a good idea in this scenario…

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So you’re headed to the airport with a gun? Where do you live???
The reality of the scenario (I think) is that you DON’T have a gun. Or a knife. Or anything other than bare hands and bad words.
Your only weapons are 1. between your ears and 2. your cellphone, right?
I’m thinking call 911 and try to keep talking to the driver. I would submit that any other intervention at this point increases risk.
Until the situation becomes overtly dangerous, I’m waiting for the cavalry to triangulate on my cell phone and pull the guy over. The police will come quick, assuming this will be treated like an active abduction.
To the people in blue–how would this be dispatched by LE?


Nice catch, @Aaron25. :slight_smile:


Exactly. Same scenario discussed at length in Sheep No More by Gilliam. Very good book.

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Stay calm, call 911 and set the phone down so the dispatcher can hear whats going on and continue to try and talk to the driver.

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Just say Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. :roll_eyes:

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I would use my favorite app.

“Boy, get your A$$ out of bed and take me to the airport.”

Millennial’s are some times useful, especially if they want to continue to eat.



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