What would you do: Grocery Store Shooter and Other Concealed Carriers

You are in a grocery shopping with your wife. Shots ring out. You draw and place your wife safely behind you. A man turns the corner, gun drawn. He is not the shooter but is only protecting himself. You draw down on each other.

Assume the shots that were fired came from his direction. He is innocent.

A split second stands between us.

What would you do?

When you scream drop the ■■■■■■■ gun and he says same side you know.

Split second reaction… My wife is behind me. I will protect her. Shots came from his direction. His gun is drawn.

What’s your purpose in setting up this no-win situation?

Didn’t you leave out a couple of key decision points before you drew your weapon?


Yes it is a no win situation. What would you do? Shoot or lower your gun. Split second decision.

No I did not. Shots were fired in a store where I was with my wife. I will protect her. Gun drawn and ready. I will protect my wife. Split second decision no time for questions. Snap decisions are required. If you ask questions, then you lose. It is in the eyes. What do the eyes say?

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Trust the eyes.

Given recent events, if you live in a gun friendly area you may not want to have your gun drawn until you are sure where and who the threat is. If I hear shots from a direction and see someone round a corner with their gun pointed in my direction my instincts might kick in. But if I see someone round the corner with their hand on a gun in a holster I might recognize they were not the ones firing the shot.


Within a split second. Gun fire. You draw your weapon to protect your wife. It may be hide behind your back, but it is out and ready. A person rounds the corner with a gun drawn. No time to think. Only react. Do you shoot him?

Unless you do not have your firearm drawn.

Nope. Not playing.

You are setting up an elaborate game of “gotcha.”

I predict that any answer anyone gives you will deem wrong.


I agree. Tough decisions to make in a heart beat, but who knows.

What if

Just stop it: this community is more than What IF`s GOOD BYE :-1:


It is not I got you. I just wanted to know what your split decision would be. There is no wrong answer, except ignoring the facts like you did.

Can we merge this with the thread where one gun owner, trapped in a corner with no way out, panicked and drew their gun against an unarmed drunk guy?

Can we also add in the no-win situation that the gun owner has arthritis in their shooting hand, accidentally dropped their glasses, and the sun’s in front where they could only see a silhouette of the drunk guy?


Raise your arms and yell MAGA! If he shoots, well you, have your answer! Second, bad guys don’t wait to shoot!


First of all - you don’t create “no win” situation and don’t draw the gun. When you hear gunshots you change your awareness condition. You’d better look for cover or escape. If you see somebody with a gun and he is not shooting at you, you know it’s not a threat. Observe, think, analyze, make smart decision.


Yes it is a no win situation. But it could happen. Just like the active shooter in Boulder Colorado.

2:30 p.m. - Shoots are fired. My first instinct is to protect my wife. If I can get her behind a refrigerated display great. If we are in the cereal isle, well Battle Creek, Michigan offers little protection.

I would draw, but have my weapon in a non offensive mode (I hope). Someone comes around the corner and lowers a gun at me then… I am in a non offensive mode without my gun displayed.

Yes, I would aim and shoot. Right or wrong, my gun was not being displayed, he aimed at me, and he posed a threat to my wife. I would shoot.

Each time there is an active shooter in the headlines I, “What If?”

Nobody is going to play your “no win” game. You already was give few answers. What do you expect? “User Manual” with Chapter “What to do when you meet a muzzle” ?
Actually… that’s not a bad idea… :thinking:

What to do when you meet a muzzle:

A 2021-03-27 08-08-30

eeeeehhh… definitely not a good idea… :no_mouth:

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I agree with that! I’m still “what Iffing” the Colorado “Batman” shooting and every other shooting. What would I have done, what would I do? I recommend keep playing, this crap is only about to get a lot worse as millions flow into our sovereign nation!
Try what iffing the Walmart shooting, where good guy didn’t realize bad guys wife was behind him and shot good guy dead! Anytime there is a mass shooting, by all standards of normal life, whether I’m carrying one gun or thirty, it’s a no win situation! The more we consider it normal the more likely we are to be caught off guard!