What would you ask an attorney?

Not sure about FL but in CO It is my understanding that you automobile is an extension of your home and it permissible to have your weapon in your auto.

Warning shots are a big no no. You are responsible for every single round fired. Warning shots are mostly considered recklessness and irresponsibility. The way most courts (that I’m aware of) see it is if you need to pull the trigger it’s your responsibility to hit the target. If you shoot into the air that round comes down somewhere, if you shoot into the ground it could hit a rock and ricochet.

Depending on magazine size you could be charged with excessive force if you empty it. A lot of it depends on the prosecutor and where you are (a more conservative area vs a more liberal area).

Hope this helps some, let me know if I wasn’t clear enough. I’m not an attorney but I do collect random information.

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Serious question Tom and Kevin.

I know, no specifics. Laws are different, look up your local laws

Would putting my guns into a trust with a couple of other people I trust and spreading them around be a way of not losing them all?

Or a Non profit say for your local Marines chapter shooting club or VFW

@John260, in Kentucky, if you have been found to have acted legally in your self defense .there are laws in place which prevent any civil judgement being entered against you in regard to the incident.
Check out the laws in your state. There are a number of others with similar protections.


LOL! So sorry, @Richard! My fingers got away from me and I totally missed some of @Richard143’s username! :slight_smile:

Normal View was explained to me by realestate attorney. As being hidden under normal circumstances. But would that include things like bending over or reaching for something high on a Shelf. Conditions that would increase the print through your clothing or possibly uncover it entirely.

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“Ask an Attorney” consistently reinforces that in the event it is necessary to use a gun to defend your life, even if you do everything right, you will be arrested. Are there things we can be proactively doing in our communities to improve law enforcement and government attitudes toward responsible gun carriers? How can we get better defensive shooter protection laws passed?

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There is an innocent until proven guilty negation crises in the United States right now. Judges, attorneys, and even local law enforcement in some instances are wanting control and power without a more basic, disciplined, and unbiased assertion of legislation.

Nothing as this should be “automatic” or “absolute”. Doctrines are just that. The citizenry can have doctrines just like the gov. (Reply to “automatic” confiscation of a firearm by law enforcement when used for self defense")


I have a hypothetical legal question. And it is what are my rights if law enforcement comes to take my guns? And if they don’t have a warrant do I have to comply? I’m asking this because most of the democrats running for President have come out and said that they want a MANDATORY BUYBACK OF AR-15’S AND AK-47’S. And that if LAW ABIDING GUN OWNERS refuse to turn them in. That law enforcement will be sent to take them. And I would like to know what I can do legally. And what I can do if they don’t have a warrant? Can I legally refuse by telling them that I first want to talk to my lawyer? And as I have stated this is JUST A HYPOTHETICAL SITUATION AND JUST ASKING FOR INFORMATION. And not a REAL issue. But I’m sure that it could become REAL. And with the RED FLAG LAWS I’m sure it will come up as well. Thanks for any information on this.

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What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

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African or European?

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Red, no blue

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Go now, or I shall taunt you a second time!

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Tom made a comment awhile ago that an adult person must “hire/confirm” his or her own lawyer, it can’t be a parent or spouse. What about if the person in unconscious in the hospital, can someone else get the person a lawyer? So that the person can’t be questioned right as they are waking up and not really "with it’?

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From another thread:

HELP I have a legal question, not sure it this is the best place to ask.
My employer, who is also a local AZ municipality, wants to ban gun carrying of any kind through an employee policy, but not restrict guns on the premises- mainly because it is too much work and cost to supply firearm storage areas-as required in AZ statutes.
So, as an employee I would no longer be allowed to conceal carry, but customers on the other side of my desk would be able to. How is this legal? Is it? AZ allows open and conceal carry except on school/federal etc. I would think, they could not restrict my right to carry, but no others on the same physical premises? Any advice or resources for me on this subject?

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Tom will be working with our awesome video wizards to answer the questions in the next week or so (all schedules are tentative(.

< /long whistle Oy! that’s got to be a mind-bender there. Might be worth it seeking out a 2A Attorney in-network In Arizona to comment specifically on that conundrum!

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@Bonnie - is this something we can add to the www.uscca.com/laws pages or is it very ambiguous?