What weapon do you reach for?

As I was reading Jeff Anderson’s blog post (below), it got me thinking about what weapon I would grab first and how that has evolved during my self-defense journey. It used to be a baseball bat or kitchen knife, then it went to my Tae Kwon Do weapons, then to my first full-size handgun, and now it could be one of a few different weapons depending on the circumstances. Our training and our weapons evolve.

Which weapon would you reach for if your home was being invaded?

  • Kitchen Knife
  • Baseball bat
  • Closest swingable heavy object
  • Carry gun
  • Staged home gun
  • Shotgun
  • Rifle
  • Claymore mine (from the blog list) :wink:
  • Depends on time of day/where I am in the home
  • Other please comment below

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There’s no shame in saying you’d grab a baseball bat - we all have different training, abilities, and ways to protect our loved ones. It’s where I started - and I still have a few around my home.

What was your weapon evolution?

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Rem 870 with 00 buckshot.

Back in the days I did martial arts, probably a staff.

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My carry gun, while my wife gets my 12 gauge out of the cabinet. Use a handgun long enough to get to a long gun.

It honestly would depend on where I am in the house and what I was doing at the time.

For example;

If I was just getting out of the shower it could be as simple as a wet towel snapped to the face.

If I was in my garage there are just way to many things to mention.

(opps I did not see the option for time of day/where I am in the home, that one is the one I should have picked and not other)

Different items/weapons are in different parts of the house so what it really comes down to is, criminal who as broken into my place of residence beware because resistance is NOT futile.


I chose staged home gun. That’s assuming I dont still have my carry gun.

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Depends where I’m at and time of day and what I’m doing that day…normal day and living room my regular concealed carry weapon on my hip…night time, the weapon in my nightstand safe…if I’m in sweats because I’ve been doing random stuff around the house…closest swingable heavy object.

It’s all situational.


Handguns securely staged throughout house. Rifles over-penetrate risking neighbors*. Shotguns require to much sheetrock repair after deployment but have one available with alternating deer slugs and 00 Buckshot.

*If more than five intruders, make it to bedroom walk-in closet and deploy a “common-use” rifle with soft-point “hunting rounds” pre-loaded in “standard supplied magazine”.

My days of Jiu Jitsu are passed. My wife would harm me if I used one of her kitchen knives. You can’t get a good wind-up with a bat in my home. I’m horrible about misplacing stuff so couldn’t find a clacker for claymore in time…and the sheetrock problem.

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I have 2 weapons near me, my EDC RIA Baby Rock 1911 .380 / Ruger LCR .357 and also a spear I made, upstairs I have a rifle and a shotgun loaded.

While I was in a parking lot I was pushing a grocery cart and wondered how difficult it would be to pick up and swing as a self defense measure against an attacker. With ease , I was able to grab the cart and could have thrown it about 15ft or further and swing it violently enough to definitely put someone down if I was within 6 ft or 8 ft of them.

Weapons are everywhere, always be aware.