What to do

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Appendix carry with my shirt over the lap belt not under it. Otherwise the holster is wedged between the seat and center console. If given enough time I would unbuckle and chest my draw.

But this is me not how others do their thing.


Tthe best, and most well informed advice on prepping your seatbelt for draw with appendix carry is from holster company PHLster and owner Jon Hauptman:
SEATBELT Over the Gun or Under the Gun For Appendix Carry in the Car? AIWB Safety Tips

and then a great series on how to deal with draw and fire in a vehicle is covered in an ASP Extra playlist with John Correia and Neil Weidner:
Vehicle Self Defense


As per the article, I try to stay in after dark. No kids, just the wife. Nobody hurts the wife, I have a gas pedal, not afraid to use it. Mobs are of one singular mind, so am I, get out alive! THEY should have thought more about it, their problem! Playing stupid games wins you all the stupid prizes.
Keep the seatbelt on, I will draw, but I’m not shooting through a windshield nor into the crowd, gas pedal. I’m sure to get stopped for blowing the light, but I’m not getting cited for not wearing my seatbelt!

Should any maggots attempt to enter the vehicle as I make my getaway, sorry, my car is like my house. As far as any anti American lawyer is concerned, I was escaping the scene, I was retreating, just like you like all your sheep to do, flee!

So my big question is, shoot, flee or die? I will pray that lawyers kids are never in that car!
As they are beating his wife to death I’d really like to know what his answers are. You going to shoot, flee or dial 911 as her brains hit your lap? What other options are there, I’m all ears, barring me being a prisoner in my own home!

I would ask you to ask Reginald Denny what he would do next time, but that’s right, there will be NO next time for Mr. Denny! He did exactly what you wanted him to do except, die. Don’t become a Reginald Denny!
Reviewing that video, is truly sickening. It left a scar on my mindset!

If the lawyer mentions climate change, all bets are off!



I am not sure I’ve found a situation (world example, video, pic) yet where drawing while seated and seat belted in was a better course of action than driving the vehicle. Or, if so, there was plenty of time after your vehicle was incapacitated in which to take the seatbelt off if that’s what it takes to get to the gun


My first choice would be to drive away from, around or through the threat. I had to threaten to do this during the first carjacking attempt I faced. But I could easily imagine situations such as at a stop light at a crowded intersection or in a full parking lot where driving might not be an option and someone jumping out of the car next to you would leave very little time to react.


My first choice would be to hit the gas if my car is running as its much bigger then my 45. Situation dependent if I was sitting in the car eating takeout with engine off I may draw for defense as it could be my best option compared to starting the car, put in to drive and go. Plus for what ever reason if the car fails to start it probably will not end well.

I also practice for the scenario and im able to unclick my belt and draw near seamless although in a hurry my belt would ends up flying breaking my window. If you practice rember to roll the window down first. If you practice enough it becomes muscle memory and you wont.need to spend time thinking or fumbling around.