Getting out of the vehicle - for your self-defense

We’ve talked about carrying in a car when we travel and how to store the firearm if need be. But we haven’t talked about what to do when we encounter a self-defense situation when we’re in the car.

Beth Alcazar gives us some pointers:

How do you train to get out of your car in a self-defense situation?


Good article. When traveling long distances, I sometimes will either wear a crossdraw capable holster, or put holster and all in the console of my truck. I also like the fact, that @Beth points out to remember that your vehicle can be a defensive weapon itself. I would only leave my vehicle as a last resort. If it was disabled to the point it wouldn’t move any more. Also, that’s why I shy away from carry guns with ported barrels. If I had to fight from inside the vehicle, Hot gas in the face doesn’t bode well for the occupants.


We practiced this occasionally with the sheriff’s office. It needs to be practiced with every weapon configuration you will carry and every vehicle you will be using. It is a whole lot different drawing in a Interceptor than it is in a 2011 Camaro and with a duty rig with double/triple retention holster versus an IWB holster under a a couple layers of clothing.

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